Start-Up Guide #9: Perfecting Installations

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

The last thing your customers remember is the installation. If the install goes smooth and the countertops are the best quality, you've set yourself up for a five star review!

Quality Work

Quality tools = quality work. With the right precision tools even beginners can put out craftsman level work. Investing in a high precision sawing station will quickly move your installations from passable to impressive.

Another quick and easy way to improve the quality of your fit and finish is good templates. We've talked about sink templates in past guides - they really help to standardize under-mount sink fabrication quality, fit and timing.

Counter-top job templates are also key - having clear, standardized communication written on the templates will help eliminate communication mistakes between the templater and the sawyer. Good practices here will ensure the high-quality work produced in the shop fits the cabinets perfectly when installed.


perfect installation

Homeowners will be drawing conclusions about your company based on your installers. Little things matter. It's usually the little things that get you referrals.

Your installers need to communicate with homeowners and show up on time. Wearing company shirts and having a clean, well-groomed appearance does a lot to impress your customers.

It’s important that the homeowner feels safe and at ease letting your installers into their home. So if there needs to be adjustments made to your install team, then make them.

It’s also important that your installers leave the home cleaner than they found it. Nothing will ruin a five star review faster than the installer leaving a mess behind.


If an average install is going over 4 hours, you may have a problem. As an owner, it would be a good idea for you to ride along on the next install. Doing so will give you some insight into possible areas to improve. When you’re present on a few key installs throughout the year, your team will learn from your example. If you set a good one it will help sculpt your company for years to come. You’ll also see common areas where carts, seam setters, and other tools will help speed the process.


Your install team needs to be strong enough to handle stone. If someone can't install without risk of injury, you need to move them off the install team. Another option is to get the right installation tools. We have a large selection of safe installation tools here: https://accuglidesaws.com/stone-accessories. Many have the added bonus of making installations go faster.

If one of your workers does sustain an injury, it may set them back for years. It will also set the company back financially. So it’s a good idea to be present on installs from time to time. Your eyes on the installation process can help prevent problems before they arise.


These are just a few of our top tips for perfecting installations. Quality cutting equipment, templates, and safe installation tools will set you up, and effective management will seal the deal. Apply these tips and you should quickly rise above the competition with your impressive installations.