Start-Up Guide #4: All About Sink Templates

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

More about sink cutouts?! That's right. We've already talked about how sinks are usually the first and biggest bottleneck. Nailing down your sink fabrication is a non-negotiable step to your shop's success. So we're sharing the number one shortcut that will take you to a smooth running operation.

One word: Templates.

We are not talking about rough plywood templates or paper templates. We are talking about professional, custom sink templates made for your shop.

Templates are the most crucial part of progressing through your sink cutout system. You use the same templates in all phases, so they're a worthwhile investment.

Why do we call this a shortcut?

Professional templates enable your workers to standardize fabrication on sinks. They double as a quality control mechanism and a training tool. They ensure that every sink you make from opening day is as perfect as the last. And the production length is always the same even if you put a lower skilled employee on the job.

TipTo make sure your templates last, avoid using "dry" style core bits with side diamond protection. This destroys the corners and core hole portions of the templates. Instead, use standard thin-wall core drill bits to core out the corners and faucet holes. They're fast and gentle on templates, allowing for years of use on each template you’ve invested in

If you don’t already have templates, we can help!

Free DFX Files

We can email you a DXF file (no charge) of any templates we already have drawn. Just let us know your sink brand name and model number, and we’ll let you know if we have it.

How to make your own long-lasting sink templates:

In our opinion, the ideal material to use is ⅜” HDPE plastic sheeting. This plastic can be easily machined or cut, and is highly durable.

Premade Sink Templates

Shop our selection of sink templates we carry here at AccuGlide.

Custom Sink Templates

If you have a custom sink that we don't have on file, we will draw and cut for you the requested template for $300.