MiterMaster (saw not included)

VTMSA ACCUGLIDE VersaTable™ Miter Attachment

$ 495.00 (Saw, Tracks, and MiterMaster™ Not Included)

(Saw, Tracks, and MiterMaster™ Not Included)

AccuGlide Saws VersaTable™ Miter Support Attachment attaches to the bottom side of VersaTable™ and supports the bottom rail of your AccuGlide Tracks.  For cuts longer than 6'.

Key Features

This optional Attachment makes using your AccuGlide Miter Cutting Workstation even easier. It bolts to the bottom of your VersaTable and provides infinite ability to the lower track. Designed to support the 12.5' Track Set however you can also use it when making cuts with shorter tracks. This unit replaces the Monopod Leg Support that is standard with the MiterMaster Attachment.