Returns & Claims

Return Policy

Merchandise may only be returned if the following criteria are met:  

Unused equipment may be returned within 30 days, only with authorization from AccuGlide Saws. It must be sent back in the original packaging, and is subject to a 25% restocking charge to cover Seller’s cost of repacking and restocking. Unused equipment that is returned and requires cleaning or reconditioning will not be resold as new, and is subject to a 40% restocking fee.

Buyer must have consent and authorization from AccuGlide Saws (we will send you a RMA number.)

Equipment must be repacked as it was originally packaged by  AccuGlide Saws shipping personnel. Buyer assumes all costs incurred if equipment is returned without correct packaging.

Return freight charges will be prepaid by Buyer.

NO return will be authorized for equipment that has been used unless it is covered under warranty. NO return will be authorized for large fabrication equipment.


AccuGlide Saws must be notified of all claims for shortage or damage within 2 business days of receipt of shipment. It is the buyer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect crates for their Saw, Tracks or Tables for shipping damage. Look for any evidence of damage on the outside packaging first. If you suspect shipping damage, notify AccuGlide Saws immediately – before you use your equipment. AccuGlide Saws does not assume financial responsibility for shipping damage, however, we may choose to assist in filing a shipping claim.