N. Checking Heim Joints & Wheels

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Heim Joints

  1. Unplug the saw, and put it on your tracks.
  2. Standing behind the saw, loosen the black knob on the left side.
  3. Grab the back of the saw by the trigger. Try to rotate the motor, checking if there is any twist (left to right play) in your saw.

If there is, you need to replace your Heim Joints to tighten up your saw again. Heim Joints are sealed rod-end joints. They are very high quality so they last awhile. However, they are still considered a consumable part due to the constant slurry and movement in this area.

If you think there is wear on the bolt going through the Heim Joints and/or the guard area around them, give us a call and let us know.

In most cases, a simple $42 Heim Joint replacement kit and several minutes will have you up and running. Well worth the effort to prevent sloppy cuts! Order online here: https://accuglidesaws.com/accuglide-saws-heim-joint-set-for-all-saw-models


You will need to have recently replaced your Heim Joints to get a correct view of wheel alignment.

  1. Unplug the saw, and put it on your tracks.
  2. Sight underneath your AccuGlide, and look for any substantial gaps between the tracks and wheels. (The original factory calibration “gap” between each wheel and track is .004” to avoid binding.)
  3. Push the saw up and down clean tracks, observing if there is any rubbing, or if any wheels seem to be frozen.

The AccuGlide can usually operate well with some frozen or even sloppy wheels. Because there are 8 wheels, they check each other. Worn heim joints usually cause more problems. However it’s beneficial to be aware of sloppy wheels, especially if you have issues in your cuts.

If you determine you should replace one or more wheels, do not tear the saw down first, contact us.