Master Countertop Seams in 4 Steps

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Countertop seams are a funny thing. You know you've done a good job when your customer doesn't notice them.

Whether it's in granite or quartz, a high quality countertop seam should be invisible. It makes any countertop look high quality and worthy of referrals. Your AccuGlide stone saw and tracks can be your secret weapon for seam craftsmanship. Here's how.

To achieve a super clean seam, you need three things:

  • Rigidity
  • Precision
  • Reduced vibration

The AccuGlide stone saw's rigid design cuts way back on vibration and deflection. Add the 5' seam tracks for ultimate precision. Together, you'll have reduced vibration that keeps your cuts clean. The result is seam cuts unparalleled by any other machine on the market.

With the right equipment, you're ready for the superior seam cutting technique.

The Mirror Cut Seam Technique

  1. Dry fit the seam in the shop. Use a straight edge to true up the front edge of the seam.
  2. Place 1/16" plastic horseshoe shims in the middle and on each end of the seam. This sets the seam up at a slight angle, opening up the seam a fraction at the top edge.Countertop Seam Step 2
  3. Cut through the center of the seam and shims using a BQTPX8 or BQTTZ8 continuous rim QT™ Blade.
    TIP: Some fabricators prefer to pull the AccuGlide saw backwards through their seam.Countertop Seam Step 3
  4. Remove the shims and discard. The stone will have a very narrow angled cut. This gives you the tightest fit at the top. And you'll get a slight reveal on the bottom for improved bond and adhesive retention.Countertop Seam Step 4


Is Mirror Cutting Countertop Seams Worth It?

YES! Mirror cutting all your granite or quartz countertop seams takes only a few minutes. And you'll get that tight seam fit, minimizing chips or seam misses.

This technique gives you that elusive balance: quality craftsmanship and fast production. And the best part is, it only takes a few extra minutes and the right tools to achieve this huge advantage!

Want to supercharge your seam cutting? Team up your AccuGlide equipment with the Omni Cubed Pro Stealth Seamer Auto™. We recommend this specific seam setter because it puts you in control - for a tight seam without lippage.

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