AccuGlide Saws Buyer's Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use standard blades on an AccuGlide saw?

Yes. You may use diamond knockout blades on your AccuGlide Saw. We include the diamond knockout arbor hub with all our saws.

How do I cut against the edge of the slab?

The AccuGlide saw cuts perfectly within 1/4” of the edge, without ridging or track movement. Simply place a small piece of stone next to the slab for support. EZ-Cut Tracks extend over the edge without support. Quick-Lock Tracks include an integrated aluminum clamping rail and may be used with C-Clamps or QuickLock Suction cups for extra support.

How do I cut through the center of a slab?

Simply lock the trigger with a Velcro® strap*, hook the lightweight handle into the front eye bolt or rear eyelet, and pull the AccuGlide through the slab.

*Never lock the trigger when the saw is used without tracks.


About the Build

blueprint sketch stonesaw

Lightweight Powerhouse

All of our saws have a light yet sturdy design. The high-end materials we use and thorough engineering make our saws the lightest and most powerful out there. They're portable enough to move from cut to cut with minimal risk of back strain. But they can handle production cutting, because that's what our saws were designed for. AccuGlide Saws are well known for daily production cutting in 3cm slabs.

The AccuGlide Feel

With an AccuGlide saw, you get a hands-on feel of the cutting operation. You can detect blade performance, and speed up or slow down as needed. This is a vital step in accomplishing the highest production. A hands-on feel means you can set up and cut faster. There are also no complicated self-propelled parts to service and replace.

There's a reason why we call them AccuGLIDEs. With expert engineering, it takes very little effort to push the AccuGlide saw. It glides above the stone like it's floating on air, sensitive enough for you to detect blade performance.

3.1 HP Equivalent Oil Bath Gear Reduction Motor

All AccuGlide saws have a powerful, durable tested motor for heavy production cutting. We use a proprietary coating on the electrical field and armature for longer motor life.

  • A GRM's torque equals that of a saw with a direct drive motor (DDM), yet is 70% lighter.
  • A GRM's start-up torque outperforms DDM, since it doesn't need starter winding.
  • The reduced weight of an oil bath worm gear increases production and minimizes operator fatigue.

Note: Hypoid gears, such as those found on Makita saws, contain only a small amount of grease. These work well for quick cuts in wood, but perform poorly when subjected to long hours of stone cutting.

The Classic QT™ Hub

  • Standard on Classic saw
  • Reduces noise by 40%
  • Eiminates blade flex for precision cuts and miters
  • Improves blade life

The Quiet & True™ HandChange™ Hub

  • Standard on 3000PRO and 3000QT saws
  • Reduces noise by 40%
  • Eliminates blade flex for precision cuts and miters
  • Improves blade life
  • Makes changing blades fast and easy, no wrench required
  • Stack up to three blades and spacers for rodding and inlay work


Cutting Options

Our saw attachments extend the AccuGlide saws to handle almost any cut.

Classic & 3000QT Attachment:

  • MiterMaster for perfect, chip-free feathered miters

3000PRO Attachments:

  • MiterMaster for perfect, chip-free feathered miters
  • ProCircle for perfect circles and curves without tracks
  • ProFence for ripple-free profiles, bevels, and bullnoses


Saw Spec Comparison

Precision straight cuts & chip-free seam cuts  Yes  Yes
Edge cuts - Easy 1/4” trimming  Yes  Yes
Miter, quirk miter & bevel cuts (MiterMaster™ compatible)  Yes  Yes
Circle cuts & edge shaping (ProCircle™ & Profile Blade compatible)  Yes  
Stock removal & edge shaping, straight (ProFence™ compatible)  Yes  
Cut curves without Tracks  Yes  
Edge-cut with single Track  Yes  
Stack up to 4 blades to 5/8” (16 mm) wide - Dado cuts, channels & grooves  Yes  
Cut Specifications
Maximum depth - Straight cuts, with 9” (230 mm) blade 2.2” (5.5 cm) n/a
Maximum depth - Straight cuts, with 8” (200 mm) blade 1.9” (4.8 cm) 2.2” (5.5 cm)
Maximum depth - Miter cuts, with 8” (200 mm) blade 1.9” (4.8 cm) 2.2” (5.5 cm)
Maximum depth - Circle cuts, with 7” (180 mm) blade 2” (5 cm) n/a
Cutting speed per minute 4-10’ (1.2-3 m) 4-10’ (1.2-3 m)
Maximum cut length with standard 12.5’ (3.8 m) Tracks 133” (3.3 m) 133” (3.3 m)
Quiet & True™ Hub - Silencer & stabilizer  Yes optional
5/8” diamond knockout hub compatible (included)  Yes  Yes
6, 7 & 8” (150 - 200 mm) blade capacity  Yes  Yes
9” (230 mm) blade capacity  Yes n/a
Calibration Indicators - Calibrates blade to cut line for 15 second set-up  Yes  Yes
Integrated Eyelets - Push or pull saw through center of slab  Yes  Yes
Quick-connect wash hose 25’ (7.6 m) 15’ (7.6 m)
Clean & precise water delivery loop & shut-off system  Yes  Yes
Step Gauge & height lock adjustment  Yes  Yes
Depth Gauge  Yes  Yes
Electrical cord & 20 amp GFCI 20’ (6 m) 13’ (4 m)
Amperage & voltage 120v/15 amp 120v/15 amp
Saw weight 29 lbs (13 kg) 26 lbs (11 kg)
Horsepower 3.1 equiv 3.1 equiv
RPM - No load 4400 4400
Pre-tested & modified worm drive motor  Yes  Yes
Precision carriage & tracking system  Yes  Yes
Stainless steel & brass tracking system components  Yes  Yes
Heavy gauge stainless steel Tracks  Yes  Yes
Highest quality wear-resistant bearings  Yes  Yes
Made in the USA  Yes  Yes
Motor warranty 120 days 120 days
Manufacturer warranty on Tracks & saw tracking system 2 years 2 years