About Our Company

If you're shopping AccuGlide, then we know that when it comes to tools you'll never compromise! We've been making the highest quality rail saws available for over 20 years. Every AccuGlide Stone Saw is hand assembled with pride here at our California factory location. We back our equipment with the customer service you would expect from a family owned and operated company.

Who we are:  We're a light-hearted team with one common goal - to help you get the information and tools you need to solve problems and grow your business. We’re fair, ethical, and will never venture from old fashioned family style customer service.

What we do: We'll ask questions and listen. If you are missing opportunities or need to solve a problem in your business, we are a resource you can trust. You’ll never get the ‘hard sell’ here.

Our qualifications: We got our start in 1975 as a custom tile contractor, servicing the Central Coast of California. The first AccuGlide Saw was developed by our founder Mike Harris for his own use in the late 1980's, as we transitioned into stone fabrication. We began manufacturing the first production AccuGlide Saw model several years later, and introduced it to the North American market in 1996. The experience we've acquired over the past 40 years has helped shape our product line into what it is today.

If you’ve been in the granite fabrication industry for several years, then we understand you. If you’re new and just starting out, we were once in your shoes. Over the last 19 years we’ve helped thousands of companies start up their own stone division from scratch, and have proudly watched as many grow into successful CNC and water-jet shops. We have a good idea what your biggest fears are, as well as the successes you can achieve once you tackle those fears head on! Give us a call, let us know what's on your mind and what we can do to help.


Meet the Team

We’d like to introduce ourselves and our wonderful team members that you will likely speak with when you call in:


Ben Harris
General Manager, Research & Development

Beth Harris 
Administrative Manager, Sales & Service

Nichole Harris
Customer Service & Office Management

Loraine Konwinski
Customer Service, Shipping, Export & Translation

Caleb Konwinski
Customer Service, Graphic Design & Marketing

Travis Williams
Sales & Customer Service
The History of AccuGlide

Grace & MikeAccuGlide Saws was founded in 1996 by Mike & Grace Harris. Mike’s background was in custom tile installation for over 20 years. Living in a small city, Mike didn’t have the market base to invest in the stationary equipment that was required to start a natural stone fabrication business in the late ‘80’s. So Mike built a portable stone shop, with the AccuGlide as his principal cutting machine. After a few years using the AccuGlide in his business, Mike and Grace decided to start a new company, AccuGlide Saws, to specialize in manufacturing and selling the first truly portable stone saw in North America.

The AccuGlide Stone Saw was an instant success, and Mike switched from running a tile and stone company to a manufacturing company. He focused on developing efficient manufacturing systems and new product Research and Development (R&D); also improving products based on customer feedback. Grace truly cared about their customers, and her main focus was Sales and Customer Service Manager. Their second son, Andrew, worked in manufacturing and office IT systems.

A year later they were joined by their oldest daughter, Beth; working as an Administrative Assistant and specializing in office systems. Next, their youngest son Ben joined the AccuGlide team, working in manufacturing and R&D with Mike. Their youngest daughter, Gracie, also helped out in the office.

AccuGlide Saws, as a company, continued to grow with an ever expanding product line. Mike’s main focus was always R&D, resulting in continual one-of-a-kind innovation and several patents.

In 2010, Ben and Beth took over management while Mike waged a brave battle with cancer, and Grace ever at his side. We were all devastated when he passed away in 2011.

Mike always impressed the importance of unstoppable innovation, strict product quality control and efficient USA manufacturing. Grace emphasized the value of top notch personable customer service - not just selling to ‘everyone’, but rather, focusing on those whose business model and goals will best be benefited by what we specialize in.

Today, AccuGlide Saws is still managed by Ben and Beth, with Grace always present as mentor. As the next generation in the Harris family, they are proud to continue their parent's legacy while adding their own strengths to the AccuGlide brand – strengths developed by working side-by-side with 'Big' Mike and Grace in the natural stone industry for over 15 years