About AccuGlide

DedicatEd to helping our customers grow and succeed

AccuGlide started in 1996 and has developed from one tile contractor's creation to an international stone tool company.

Our goal is to help our customers grow and succeed. As a family owned and operated company, we welcome our customers into the AccuGlide family. You're not just buying our tools, you're partnering with a team invested in your success.

To ensure our products are the highest quality, we manufacture our AccuGlide tools in our facilities in California, USA. We use the best materials and most efficient techniques for products that last. We also carry products from other trusted manufacturers who have the same values and high quality that are so important to us.

While our products set up our customers for success, our customer service is there to help our customers grow. We provide one-on-one assistance in every step of the stone fab process, from training to financial consulting. Whether our customer is a start-up, independent contractor, or established shop with years in the biz, we aim to help them grow.


Our Team

accuglide team

From left to right: Loraine Konwinski (Customer Service), Andrea Johnson (Webmaster), Nichole Harris (Customer Service), Beth Harris (Owner), Ben Harris (Owner), Caleb Konwinski (Marketing & Design), Seth Rode (Fabrication), Rick Noble (Machining), Farrah Jackson-Vidito (Assembly)


Our Story

Grace & MikeWe take pride in our humble beginnings.

Our founder, 'Big' Mike Harris, invented the first portable rail saw in the 1980's when he decided to grow from tile contractor to stone fabricator. Investing in huge, expensive stone equipment was going to be a challenge. By creating the powerful, portable AccuGlide stone saw, he was able to hit the ground running with his business expansion.

After a few years using the AccuGlide saw in his business, Mike and his wife Grace began to manufacture the saws for other stone fabricators. It was an instant success. AccuGlide Saws was born in 1996 when the original AccuGlide Saw was introduced to the market.

Over the years, AccuGlide added new products and more family members to the company. When Mike passed away in 2011, he left behind a legacy of innovative tools and incomporable service that helped thousands of stone shops grow and succeed all over the world.

Grace and Mike's children, Ben and Beth, now manage AccuGlide Saws, expanding on the quality products and service AccuGlide has always been known for. They maintain the vision of unstoppable innovation, strict quality control, and top-notch old-fashioned customer service.