You can't beat the QT™ Hub

Our patented Quiet & True™ HandChange Hub reduces noise by 40%, and eliminates blade flex for amazingly smooth cuts & miters.

By reducing vibration and eliminating blade flex, the QT™ Hub also improves blade life which saves you money on tooling!

Changing blades is a cinch with this unique HandChange design - no need hunt for a wrench!

You can also stack up to three blades and spacers for the channel cuts used in rodding and inlay work. The QT™ HandChange Hub comes standard on all PRO and QT™ Saw Models.

The AccuGlide Classic Model is sold with the Classic QT™ Hub. This economy hub has all the great benefits with the exception that it cannot stack blades and requires a wrench for blade changes.

With the best blades in the industry, our selection covers all cutting applications from concrete to hard granite. Premium blades last longer, cut faster, and are consistent in quality for maximum production.