Unmatched Quality & Engineering

Built to Last – Easy to Use. Innovative and durable design and consistent use of only the highest quality materials is the foundation our reputation is built on. We pride ourselves in unmatched quality and engineering. AccuGlide fabricators find our products both easy to use and incredibly durable. Millions of feet of stone have been cut with precision by AccuGlide systems.

Highest Quality 3.1 HP Equivalent Oil Bath Gear Reduction Motor. AccuGlide Saws are equipped with a powerful and durable motor for heavy production cutting in the shop. They are extensively tested and modified including the coating of the electrical field and armature with insulating varnish for longer motor life. Since rail saws require numerous cut setups throughout the day, a lightweight but powerful motor is imperative in order to avoid operator fatigue and injury.

Designed by a Fabricator for Fabricators. No one is more familiar with the harsh cutting environment created by natural stone than a stone fabricator. Each and every part of the AccuGlide was extensively tested before introduction to the stone industry eighteen years ago. AccuGlide engineering is proven, that’s why we offer a two year warranty on tracking systems. AccuGlides use German bearings and highly wear resistant stainless tracks and components. Other saws use aluminum and/or plastic tracking systems - materials that won’t hold up. And, the AccuGlide is continually refined based on customer’s feedback and our commitment to innovation.

The Only Currently Patented Dual Rail Design Stone Saw. Why buy an imitation? The AccuGlide is the original patented dual rail stone saw, and every day our customers prove that it’s still the best. It is the only dual rail stone saw with the blade located between the rails. This translates into better stability, better balance and less vibration so AccuGlide fabricators can make the cleanest cuts possible.

Versatility – Straight Cuts, Miters and Bevels,Circle and Curve Cuts and Profiling at the Shop or Job. Other rail saws can’t provide you the same versatility the AccuGlide offers. In addition to smooth precision cuts in granite up to a 5cm + depth, only the AccuGlide's stable and rigid design can translate to perfect chip free miters and bevels. This is true both in the shop and on the job with the optional MiterMaster Attachment and VersaTable. Our revolutionary PRO model allows the AccuGlide to be pulled off the tracks for circle and curve cutting, and profiling. (Use the optional ProFence attachment for Profiling and the optional ProCircle attachment for circle cuts.) 

Easy to Setup and Use. The patented design of our Calibration Indicators makes setting up a cinch. Operators can set up in seconds and cut precisely on the line without guesswork. Since AccuGlides weigh under 30 pounds, operators can move from cut to cut very quickly and without unnecessary fatigue.


Our reputation is based on the success of our customers. Over the past eighteen years, the AccuGlide has established itself as the leading track saw in North America. Why? The AccuGlide has enabled thousands of fabricators to start their businesses and establish a good reputation by doing the highest quality work without huge overhead costs. They are able to start small and grow, becoming an asset in the natural stone industry. A good percentage of start-up AccuGlide fabricators are eventually able to invest in large gantry saws and CNC machines for heavy production cutting as their businesses flourish, but their AccuGlides continue to be an asset both in the shop and on the jobsite. 

Large fabrication shops use AccuGlide Saws daily for seaming, rodding, pre-cutting slabs, as a backup saw, and on the jobsite. They own AccuGlides because they produce quality cuts without taking up the space or money required for an additional gantry saw.

Customer Service

Check out what some of our customers are saying:

“You took the time out of your schedules to answer my questions and provide me with valuable ideas and suggestions about the business I have undertaken. I cannot thank you both enough for that.” J.C. VA

“Thanks for everything. You are always prompt in sending out merchandise or if we have any questions.” J.D. NC

“I would like to congratulate the engineer who designed the saw and the company for its excellent customer service.” G.C. VA

“I must also say something about your staff. They are very personable, professional, and knowledgeable. It is always a pleasant experience to just order some blades or call with a fabrication question.” E.K. CA

Our goal, here at AccuGlide Saws, is to establish lifelong customers, not just make the initial sale. We are committed to quality customer service and support. Showing integrity to our customers by providing the highest quality products and service is the reason our company has been a success.