Bridge saw vs. AccuGlide

Which scenario sounds easier to you? Moving two 26 lb tracks and a 28 lb saw on top of a slab and into the cut position, or sliding a 10 foot, 800 pound slab around until the cut mark is lined up to the blade?

Full gantry saws (x and y motion) with turn and tilt tables are highly efficient for loading and cutting stone; but fixed-table bridge saws are incredibly inefficient compared to the speed and mobility of an AccuGlide.

An AccuGlide fabricator can setup an 11’ rip cut in less than a minute, perform the cut and then switch to a 6’ crosscut in seconds. This speed is impossible with fixed bridge saws. For start-up fabricators, the AccuGlide's speed of setup and cut production is far superior to that of a fixed bridge saw. Here’s what one AccuGlide fabricator is saying - “AccuGlide proved to be an accurate and fast saw capable of making clean cuts... It is much faster moving the tracks instead of turning the table or moving the slab to achieve the desired angle.”