AccuGlide Marble & Granite Saw

"Since introducing AccuGlide tools, our client base has expanded rapidly. Purchasing AccuGlide equipment has truly been the best business investment I have made to date."
- Bella Casa Construction Request Pricing

AccuGlide Marble & Granite Saw

FAST - Sets up in under 15 seconds.

EFFICIENT - Cuts 2 full sized kitchens per day.

DURABLE - Keeps running year after year.

 an AFFORDABLE alternative to a gantry saw.

Are you looking to start your own stone fabrication shop?

Do you already have an established cabinet or solid surface business?

Are you looking to open a stone counter-top division?

Get excited!

You've found a cost-effective way to set up and run a professional, high precision shop. All without the initial overhead of a conventional Bridge Saw.

There’s a lot of potential revenue you could be capturing with a smooth running stone division. You'll need both knowledge and the right equipment to produce high quality work. We provide two vital pieces to that puzzle. The AccuGlide Stone Saw, the beating heart of thousands of shops nationwide. AND the one-on-one personal help you need to start and grow your new shop.

Below are answers to 3 questions that many fabricators have asked us over the years.

#1 - When Should I Choose an AccuGlide Stone Saw Over a Bridge Saw?

To answer that question you should ask yourself: How many kitchens per week will my shop be producing?

If you're in an area with a competitive market, starting with an expensive bridge saw is often a mistake. These saws are usually only a good investment if you're already producing 6 to 10 kitchens a week.

If your area or shop size limits you to the 1 - 5 kitchens a week range, then the AccuGlide Stone Saw is the perfect saw for you. It keeps your overhead low, putting more money in your pocket. An AccuGlide Stone Saw pays for itself within the first few jobs.

Once your profits and volume grow, you can invest in a bridge saw with some cash down and a manageable payment plan. The best part is, your AccuGlide will never be obsolete. It will stay busy in your shop for many years. You can continue seam cutting, sink cutting, miter cutting and use it as a backup to your bridge saw.

#2 - How Much Work Can I Do With the AccuGlide Stone Saw?

Our customers over the past 22 years churn out an average of 3 - 5 kitchens per week with the AccuGlide Stone Saw. You'll be able to cut 2 full-sized kitchens a day, leaving time for polishing and installation.

Time and money are usually lost in setup rather than cutting. The AccuGlide's efficient handling and quick cut setup maximizes shop production. It weighs only 29 lbs and sets up lightning-fast, in under 15 seconds! This stone saw sets up faster and with more precision than any other rail saw on the market, and most bridge saws too.

#3 - Why Buy an AccuGlide Stone Saw Over Cheaper Portable Rail Saws?

Your saw is the beating heart of your shop. If it's not cutting well or not cutting at all, production dies.

The AccuGlide Stone Saw is the original and the best rail saw on the market, not another cheap knockoff. It's built to last a lifetime. If you’re making only a few cuts a month at the job, then a cheap saw may be a good fit. If you plan on operating a small shop using a rail saw for all your cutting, AccuGlide is THE reliable choice.

Trusted by Thousands of Shops Around the World Since 1996!

"We purchased the AccuGlide AccuGlide 3000QT Stone Saw and have already cut more than 50 projects for both commercial and residential applications. I would highly recommend AccuGlide tools to anyone in the stone fabrication industry. The quality of the saw and its cuts are very good. Working with AccuGlide customer service and their tools has been an outstanding experience. They have been very professional and deliver on their promises."
Merrifield Granite & Marble
Springfield, VA, USA