Start-Up Guide #8: Customer Service Issues

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

If you’re running a smart, hard-working organization, honesty is the magic bean that will make it grow. And it all starts with you. If you set an example of delivering on promises, your team will follow your lead. Your customers will then sense that you and your people are trustworthy. And if you're trustworthy you’ll get the referrals and reviews you need!

When Mistakes Happen

Now we’ve all done it - become a liar for a day due to something we’ve promised that we did not deliver on. Even if what happened was out of our control, take note and apologize. Then make changes to your organization so next time things go your way.

Managing Expectations

There are times that managing expectations can keep us from getting in trouble. Over-promising and under-communicating are easy to do and difficult to repair. If you’re less experienced, go with what is logical and don't wing it. Err on the side of underpromising. Be conservative with promises, even if there are possible short term setbacks. It's worth it for your long term reputation.

Be Kind

Good customer service is an always evolving process. Be firm in what you expect from your team, but always be supportive and solution oriented. Play the long game. Most problems are best addressed after a night of sleep and a constructive group meeting. As long as you're trying to work smart, hard, and humble, don't be too hard on yourself. It's usually counterproductive. Take on problems one at a time, and things will work out fine!