Start-Up Guide #7: 5 Steps to 5 Star Reviews

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Never underestimate the importance of building your online reviews. If you have a choice of building a beautiful new website or developing reviews - start on reviews first. This will give you accountability from day 1, and keep you on track to build a customer-focused team.

Also, our industry has a stereotypical bad rep for not showing up and not delivering. A few informative 5 star reviews will immediately separate you from the pack. And you'll feel the impact in your business almost immediately.

1. Create a business page on Facebook and Instagram.

Choose one to serve as your first "website" of sorts. This is where you'll direct potential customers to show off your work.

2. Open or claim accounts on Google Maps, Yelp and Houzz.

The more platforms you're on, the more likely you'll be at the top of search results.

3. Email or call 4-5 clients you know are happy with your work and ask them to help you build your company with a review.

Be persistent. The third request is usually the one that will get results. After wrapping up any future projects, email or leave a card with urls to your review pages.

4. Whenever you get a new review, reply to it.

Use their name and say thank you! This really shows potential customers that customer service is a priority, and encourages more reviews.

5. Now it's time to make your website.

Start small with the basic info. Focus on your contact information, services offered, and your story. Less is more when you start. As you grow - grow your site to keep pace with the company. And we've got all the steps and a handy checklist on our blog post "What Makes a Great Stone Shop Website".