Start-Up Guide #10: The Right Equipment

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Congratulations! You've reached the last of our 10 part series of Start-Up Guides. So, how are you feeling so far? Are you ready to jump in and start your new shop or stone countertop division?

If you are, you may be ready to look for an equipment supplier. If you want a supplier that provides more than tools, we want to be your partner. We've helped thousands of fabricators start and grow their businesses.

We carry special start-up equipment packages for new shops like yours. Each start-up package includes perks unique to our industry:


The Unbeatable Warranty

With two decades of experience, we've built machines that are very difficult to break. That’s why we have the longest warranty period in the industry: two years on tracks and one year on motors. That's a warranty that can't be beat by anyone else.


We work with shops to put together manageable payment plans. Best case scenario: you pay off your equipment with the income it brings in for you. Apply for your quote here: https://accuglidesaws.com/financing

Return on Investment

The ROI on an AccuGlide startup equipment package is one of the best in any industry. At the end of the day, it’s always important to run the numbers on your individual ROI. We'll work with you to calculate your return on investment with any of our start-up packages.

We hope you've enjoyed our Start-Up Guide series. If you’re interested in more guidance or a partial or full start-up equipment package, email us. And check out what our other shops have said about us: accuglidesaws.com/stone-equipment-reviews.