How to Cut Sintered Stone

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

At the TISE trade show this year, we picked up on a material that's gaining a lot of traction. Our industry is getting excited about sintered stone. You might be familiar with it already, one popular manufacturer is Neolith®.

What is sintered stone? It’s a man-made ultra compact surface engineered for durability. It's been around for a few years now, so if you haven't fabricated with it already, you may be soon. Either way, you're going to want to learn how to cut sintered stone the right way. With your craftsman's skills and the right tools, you'll get the most out of this awesome material.

What makes sintered stone such a great material is its durability and versatility. Sintered stone is used for residential and commercial use, indoor and outdoor. And it's been around long enough that the color and texture choices are very well developed. Shops worldwide are installing sintered stone countertops, floors, walls, and exterior architectural cladding.

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The Challenges of Sintered Stone

The unique properties of sintered stone can make it one of the most unforgiving slabs to cut.

For example, some slabs have a pattern printed on the surface. Any chips or imperfections on these can ruin the appearance after edge lamination. For other sintered stone materials like Neolith that have designs running through the slab, you're still going to want perfectly straight cuts to make your finished product look its best.

If you get the cuts right, the quality of your finished work will be top-tier. You’ll have all the work in sintered material you can handle. Get it wrong and you’ll likely do whatever it takes to avoid the material on future jobs.

How to Master Sintered Stone

Success on this material is simple: straight and clean miter cuts. Tight seams and super clean miter laminations are a must for the high-end results that get you referrals. To get those precise cuts you need the right equipment. If you already have an AccuGlide saw, you’re set. If you don’t then consider investing in one. The AccuGlide saw's high precision and rigidity are unmatched. We’ve done extensive testing of our saws on sintered stone materials. We're confident you’ll get the same excellent results our customers are getting across the US.


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If you have any questions about sintered stone slabs that we haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can give you tips on getting the most out of your AccuGlide on any stone material.