Saw Tracks Buyer's Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clamp my tracks?

Clamping is optional. AccuGlide fabricators have used 12.5’ Tracks without clamping since 1996. Many factors make this possible, and one of our patents centers on this unparalleled idea and design. When the rubber lined tracks are placed on wet, clean stone, gravity alone is enough to keep them from moving. Other track saws that mimic the AccuGlide do not have the precision required to eliminate track movement, so they have to clamp their rail systems. Without the necessity to clamp the tracks, setup with the AccuGlide is many times faster than other rail saws.

Our EZ-Cut and Quick-Lock Tracks with optional Quick-Lock Suction Cups further increase production on small pieces of stone such as backsplashes, eliminating any possibility of Track movement. These optional clamping features will give you peace of mind on smaller work pieces. 


Compare Track Specs

Specifications 12.5´ length 7.5´ length 6.5´ length 5´ length 5´ EZ-Cut
Maximum cut length 133" (330 cm) 73" (185 cm) 61" (155 cm) 42" (106 cm) 36" (91 cm)
Quick-Lock option available   n/a
Quick-Lock Suction Cup compatible n/a
Built-in suction cups        
Thick-wall stainless steel, .120 gauge  
Clamping required? no no no no