RYE-CORP Husky Gantry Saw

RYC-HGS RYE-CORP Husky Gantry Saw

$ 52,900.00

Key Features

RYE-CORP Husky Gantry Saw

Are you currently cutting with an AccuGlide rail saw and your business has grown so much that you are now ready to upgrade? With the Husky Gantry Saw, you'll have the potential to double your cutting volume and you’ll position yourself for amazing revenue and profit growth this year and into next.

A good indication that your fab shop may be ready for the HUSKY is if you're cutting at a volume of at least four full slabs of stone per day and you need to do more. If you think you're ready for increased stone fab production, give us a call and let us help you make the transition.

What Customers Have to Say

 “The Husky Bridge Saw is a very reliable, very hearty, almost indestructible saw in our shop. It’s all-American made, which is something that I was specifically looking for. It has all the features I need. It has enabled me to increase the volume of work that we can push through our shop, which obviously has had a big impact on revenue.”

“With the Husky, my lead guy can cut in hours what previously took him a whole day. That frees him up for other things.  And for a lead guy, that’s really important because his time is my money. So the less time that he is shackled doing one thing, the better it is for business.”

“I purchased my machine from the folks at AccuGlide, but for service I’ve worked directly with Rod York, the owner of Rye-Corp. He’s fantastic! When I call, he answers.  For a small business, that is worth all the money in the world, because when you have issues, and there is only one person that can help you to resolve them, being able to reach that person is imperative. And 99% of what I need Rod for, he resolves over the phone, right then and there.”

“Also, my experience working AccuGlide has been fantastic!  Ben, Beth, and even Grace, who has since retired, are all really good people, more than willing to take the time to answer questions and talk me through technical issues that have come up over the years. They pick up the phone; they return calls and emails. It’s great. I wish everybody did that. For a small business like mine, that is worth more than anything.”


Paul Wilcox
Southwest Solid Surface, Inc
Cape Coral, Florida

Features of the RYE-Corp Husky Gantry Saw:


    •  Wireless remote with speed / axis control, saw motor stop / start, and forward cut

    •  Digital read out

    •  Direct drive AC inverter duty motors for all 3 axis

    •  Easy blade tilt system allowing 45° miter cuts

    •  High intensity laser alignment for precision cutting

    •  Amperage gauge (to determine proper cutting speed)

    •  Innovative variable degree table locking system

    •  Water solenoid that automatically turns the water on / off with spindle motor

    •  Rugged construction

    •  Constructed using common parts for quick repairs

    •  Full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

    •  Made in the USA



    •  Main motor spindle: 20HP, 220v, 3 phase direct drive VEM

    •  Gantry Movement: Powered on V groove roller with inverter duty 1hp motor

    •  Overall size: L-15' x H-9' x W-13'

    •  Heavy duty rotating 6' x 10' tilt table with stops at 0°, 45°, 90°, and 135°

    •  Weight: aprox. 10,000 lbs

    •  18" Blade capacity

    •  16" Vertical movement

    •  136" Cut length


Additional Options:

    •  8" Touch screen for programming dimensional cuts