OMNI CUBED  Mega-Jaw™ Carry Clamps (Set of 2)

OC-MJ-126-15 OMNI CUBED Mega-Jaw™ Carry Clamps (Set of 2)

$ 295.00
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Key Features

The OMNI CUBED Mega-Jaw™ Carry Clamps (Set of 2 and a storage case) are designed for easier and safer carrying of countertops. The lightweight clamp opens wide enough to accommodate tops up to 2.4 inches thick (500 pound capacity per pair).

The clamps distribute the weight to both arms, reducing worker strain and enabling the safe and easy lifting of heavy pieces. The clamp features high-strength aluminum arms, and non-marking, tear resistant rubber gripping tubes, and the clamps grip tighter as more weight is lifted.

New for the 2015 model: more durable non-marking rubber gripping tubes, 25% increase in clamping pinch-force, improved handle grips (thicker and more durable foam)

Specifications: Dimensions (all components in case): 17" x 6" x 4"; Weight: 3 lb per clamp (6 lb for both clamps); Clamping Range: 6mm to 61mm (.24in to 2.4in); Lifting Capacity: 500lbs (226kg) per pair; Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Zinc Plated Steel; Non-marking EDPM Rubber covering shafts, EPDM closed-cell Foam Rubber grips.


  • Quick and easy gravity-assisted carry clamps
  • Enables installers to lift and carry countertops safely (reduces worker strain and injury)
  • Works great for carrying thick concrete countertops
  • The more weight lifted, the tighter the clamp grips
  • Clamps "hold onto" tops when not in use (won't fall off), and tension can easily be adjusted
  • Extremely durable EDPM rubber gripping tubes that won't mark or stain surfaces
  • Comfortable foam handle grips are UV, ozone, and moisture resistant