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Profits From Sales This Friday Will Go To CA Wildfire Relief Fund Profits From Sales This Friday Will Go To CA Wildfire Relief Fund

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

The devastating wildfires burning here in California over the past two weeks have been especially difficult for the families who are mourning loved ones lost in the blaze, and the thousands more who have lost their homes.

The losses so many are suffering across the state are especially close to our heart. While our immediate family was not directly affected, we are close to family and friends who were. Our sister’s in-laws lost their home in Southern California. As well as a cousin, some friends, and the parents of one of our AccuGlide factory team members who all lost their homes in the Northern California fire.

We want to help. This Friday, November 23, we will be donating all profit from sales made on that date of AccuGlide Saws, Tracks, Blades and Attachments, to the California Community Foundations Wildfire Relief Fund. Orders placed on Friday will include a donation amount on the Invoice that will be donated to the fund at the end of the day.

If you would like to donate directly, here is a link with information on how these funds will be used:

A few we've talked to who lost their homes have said they were brought to tears by the kindness, love and generosity they've been shown these past few weeks. They have also made expressions of gratitude to the brave firefighters and first responders who worked to protect their community. It’s heartwarming to know that when natural disasters strike, there are friends, family and even strangers who lovingly support us and encourage us to keep going!


Start-Up Guide #10: The Right Equipment Start-Up Guide #10: The Right Equipment

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Start-Up Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips

Congratulations! You've reached the last of our 10 part series of Start-Up Guides. So, how are you feeling so far? Are you ready to jump in and start your new shop or stone countertop division?


Master Your Seam Quality Master Your Seam Quality

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Fabrication Guides | Quick Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips

In today’s competitive market, a top quality seam often determines whether you receive word of mouth referrals or not. Special attention must be given to seam craftsmanship - your AccuGlide will be your secret weapon. 


Rodding 101 Rodding 101

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Fabrication Guides | Quick Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips

Why Even Consider Rodding?

Rodding stone is an insurance policy for your business.  Just like most insurance policies, there is a specific cost that buys a guarantee against some kind of loss.


Why Step-Cutting is Best Why Step-Cutting is Best

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Quick Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips

When machinery is engineered with a level of precision that enables step-cutting, the results are dramatically increased cutting speeds and production, along with SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS in tooling and motor life.


Cut a Round/Oval Sink Cut-Out Cut a Round/Oval Sink Cut-Out

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Quick Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips


Step-by-step instructions and necessary tools for cutting out a round or oval shaped sink.


Cut Out a Rectangular Sink Cut Out a Rectangular Sink

Fabrication Guides | Quick Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips

Step-by-step instructions and list of necessary tools for cutting out a rectangular sink.


Start-Up Guide #9: Perfecting Installations Start-Up Guide #9: Perfecting Installations

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Customer Service Tips | Start-Up Guides

The last thing your customer remembers is the installation. If the install goes smooth and the countertops are the best quality then you’re set; you’ll get that 5 star review!


Start-Up Guide #8: Customer Service Issues Start-Up Guide #8: Customer Service Issues

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Customer Service Tips | Start-Up Guides

If you’re running a smart, hard-working organization, then honesty is the magic bean that will make it grow. And it all starts with you. If you set an example of delivering on promises, your team will follow your lead. Your customers will then sense that you and your people are trustworthy. If you're trustworthy you’ll get the referrals and reviews you need.


Start-Up Guide #7: 5 Steps to 5 Star Reviews Start-Up Guide #7: 5 Steps to 5 Star Reviews

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Customer Service Tips | Start-Up Guides

Never underestimate the importance of building your online reviews. If you have a choice of building a beautiful new website or developing reviews - start on reviews first. This will give you accountability from day 1, and keep you on track to build a customer-focused team.


Start-Up Guide #6: Referrals vs Advertising Start-Up Guide #6: Referrals vs Advertising

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Customer Service Tips | Start-Up Guides

The past few start-up guides focused on shop production. But to grow your business, you also need to focus on healthy customer service.

It happens all too often. An employee or customer brings up a concern, and you're too busy to address it. That neglected concern begins to fester and soon pops back up as an even bigger problem. To help avoid this and the damage this can cause long-term, the next three guides will focus on customer service.


Start-Up Guide #5: Material Handling Start-Up Guide #5: Material Handling

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Why should material handling be a top priority on your set-up equipment list?

Protecting yourself and your workers from injury is not "optional" nowadays. There are major financial consequences if you cut corners on safety. The other loss factor is the money wasted from inefficient material handling.

Luckily, you have choices when you get to this step.


Start-Up Guide #4: All About Sink Templates Start-Up Guide #4: All About Sink Templates

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Start-Up Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips

More about sink cutouts?! That's right. We've already talked about how sinks are usually the first and biggest bottleneck. Nailing down your sink fabrication is a non-negotiable step to your shop's success. So we're sharing the number one shortcut that will take you to a smooth running operation.


Start-Up Guide #3: The Sink Cutout System Start-Up Guide #3: The Sink Cutout System

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Our tried-and-true system for sinks is a simple "walk before you run" approach. By breaking up equipment purchases you can expand faster and avoid wasting resources. Here's what you'll need.


Start-Up Guide #2: the Biggest Sink Cutout Mistakes Start-Up Guide #2: the Biggest Sink Cutout Mistakes

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Start-Up Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips

All stone fab shops want to produce work with speed and precision. For a new fab shop, bottlenecks in production are a major concern. One of the first bottlenecks fab shops usually face is sink cutouts. They can be one of the slowest and most tedious parts of your production process if you handle it wrong.

How do you know if your sink cutting is a bottleneck?
If it's taking you longer than an hour per sink cutout, you've got a bottleneck.

Here are a few approaches fab shops take when trying to solve this bottleneck. We'll tell you which don't work, and what does.


Come See Us in Verona Come See Us in Verona

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Company News | Upcoming Events

Marmomac is the leading global event for the natural stone industry, and we'll be attending this year's in Verona, Italy!

Your friendly AccuGlide representatives will be there September 26-29, 2018 and we'd love to see you there.

If you're planning on attending this year's Marmomac, meet up with Ben at the show for help on AccuGlide, Ghines, or Thibaut equipment. Shoot Ben an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to coordinate.


Start-Up Guide #1: Profiling & Polishing Start-Up Guide #1: Profiling & Polishing

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Start-Up Guides | Stone Fabrication Tips

Welcome to AccuGlide's Start-Up Guides! Our first guide goes into one of the most valuable lessons for a stone shop: What edge profiles should I offer? And what are the best practices for shaping and polishing?


New Product Announcement! New Product Announcement!

We have released a new attachment for the AccuGlide Miter Cutting workstation, the VersaTable™ Miter Support Attachment. This fixture attaches to the bottom side of VersaTable™ and supports the bottom rail of your AccuGlide Tracks.  For cuts longer than 6'.  CLICK HERE to view the product.


OMNI CUBED New Product Launch OMNI CUBED New Product Launch

Today at Coverings 2018, Omni Cubed is launching their Miter-It™ Auto.  This may just be the best Miter-It™ clamp to date.  It’s an easy-to-use clamp featuring Omni Cubed’s proprietary vacuum cup system with ultimate holding power. This clamp only requires minimal shop (compressed) air to power the 1/2 CFM venturi vacuum generator, which accommodates up to ten clamps simultaneously (starter kit includes two clamps; additional clamps purchased separately). The system allows finished-side-up miter laminations; not flipping the material offers numerous benefits including increased safety for workers, reduced risk of damage to the material, and keeping the seam in view during lamination. The Miter-It™ Auto securely holds heavy drop-down edges at 90°, eliminating the need for a helper to position the material, and also enables vertical and horizontal fine-tune adjustments. This simple, yet innovative tool greatly reduces the numerous awkward adjustments required with other miter clamps, offers extremely strong and reliable hold, and offers better results than taping methods alone. Accommodates edges up to 12" tall; starter kit includes two clamps, our 10-port Venturi Vacuum Generator, and convenient storage case.

CLICK HERE to view the product.


TISE 2018 Highlights TISE 2018 Highlights

The International Surface Event 2018 is over and we had a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones! It's so good to see that our industry is thriving.  There was so much to see and do while we were there.  We can't wait for next year.

Here's a couple pictures from the show.





group pic


Show Pic



Come See Us at TISE 2018! Come See Us at TISE 2018!

The International Surface Event in Las Vegas is just around the corner and we want to invite everyone to come and see us at the show. This year, we'll be in Booth 4037. We'll have live cutting demos for folks to see firsthand just how clean an AccuGlide cuts. We will also be exhibiting the Miter Cutting Workstation for all who are coming to the show to solve that bottleneck. Take advantage of show specials, free Tees, candy, and a few other surprises for you ;-)

If you just want someone to help answer your questions about stone fabrication in general, or even starting-up a shop from scratch, make sure to stop by and say hello.  
In case you are still making your travel plans, here's some helpful info and links:
We really hope to see you there!



Demo and Workshop - Kansas City Demo and Workshop - Kansas City

Your invited to our next Miter Cutting Demo and Workshop on THURSDAY, August 31, 2017 in Kansas City.

Is miter cutting holding up production? Learn how to transform granite miter fabrication from costly to profitable. Attend this FREE demo and workshop to take your business to the next level.

CLICK HERE to learn more.



Demo and Workshop - Denver Demo and Workshop - Denver

Your invited to our next Miter Cutting Demo and Workshop on FRIDAY, August 18, 2017 in Denver, CO.

Is miter cutting holding up production? Learn how to transform granite miter fabrication from costly to profitable. Attend this FREE demo and workshop to take your business to the next level.

CLICK HERE to learn more.



First Thibaut Install Complete! First Thibaut Install Complete!

Check out the Neilsen Building crew with their brand new Thibaut TC600 Five Axis CNC Bridge Saw. We're really enjoying our recent partnership with Thibaut North America as we help set up AccuGlide customers with Thibaut Saws. As their business grows, keeping up with technology is a big key to success. We love seeing and, even better yet, helping them take that leap with a Thibaut Saw or CNC center.


Yeti Contest Winner! Yeti Contest Winner!

Gerald Jackson, owner of The Granite Guy LLC in Agra, Oklahoma, was really happy to find out that he won the Yeti Cooler give-away contest from TISE 2017! We loved seeing these pics of Gerald and his crew so excited to get the Yeti while sporting their AccuGlide tees. Thanks for sharing guys!!


TISE 2017 Was a Success TISE 2017 Was a Success

To all who made it to TISE 2017 and came by to say hi, we want to say thank you for visiting the team. If you missed this year’s TISE event, you can visit us next year with the show opening January 30, 2018.

This year’s show drew a crowd and the whole AccuGlide team really enjoyed meeting all of you in person. For us it's not just a chance help folks to get set-up with AccuGlide equipment.  We also get invaluable feedback on what's happening in our industry. And the word on the street is good for 2017!  Most of the people we spoke to are making plans to expand their business this year. Here’s to another successful show!


We’ll see you next year! 



Join Us at TISE 2017! Join Us at TISE 2017!

Don't Forget to Visit Us at The International Surface Event - Jan 18-20

We have a lot in store for you this year:  Live equipment demos, hands-on tips and tutorials, 10% off all AccuGlide brand products*, FREE AccuGlide Tees, a YETI cooler giveaway contest, and MUCH MORE!!

We'll be at BOOTH 4145

*Valid on all AccuGlide brand orders only until show closing on Friday, January 20.


AccuGlide Partners With THIBAUT! AccuGlide Partners With THIBAUT!

We are excited to announce that AccuGlide has partnered up with THIBAUT to provide the next level of fabrication machinery to our customers. THIBAUT is a leader in CNC Bridge saws and CNC Machines – please contact us if we can help your company grow.

THIBAUT remains a leading manufacturer of CNC polishing, cutting, and milling machines, even as the stone market constantly evolves. Since they opened shop in 1959, THIBAUT has gained invaluable experience and knowledge in their craft, which they have used to constantly improve their production methods and to keep in step with the newest evolution of stone fabrication technology.  But even though they have grown to a globally recognized brand, THIBAUT’s original goal remains the same: to always satisfy its customers' needs.



AccuGlide Just Got Better AccuGlide Just Got Better

We here at AccuGlide LOVE providing our customers with the HIGHEST QUALITY tools that money can buy.  But we also love getting new tools and equipment for ourselves!  We are super excited to get a new CNC Band Saw!  With this puppy, we can produce even MORE HIGH QUALITY stone fabricating equipment.  But of course, AccuGlide's continuous growth is all thanks to our AWESOME CUSTOMERS!  Thank you so much for choosing AccuGlide!


Join Us for the International Surface Event 2016 - In Las Vegas! Join Us for the International Surface Event 2016 - In Las Vegas!

The International Surface Event will open it's doors tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20. The AccuGlide family is super excited to be right in the thick of it again this year!  We have lots in store this year - live demos every hour, knowledgeable staff on hand, huge show specials - not to be revealed until Wednesday at show opening - FREE T-Shirts, coffee, candy, and fun show giveaways! 

Ben and Beth Harris will both be present to personally to answer all the questions you have regarding stone fabrication - especially for those looking for information on how to start their own fabrication shop. And due to popular demand - Mike Alicea - will be back again this year! Mike, owener of TLC Surfaces, is happy to explain how he has used AccuGlide Saws and equipment through the years to become a complete success in the stone fab industry!  

We'll be at BOOTH #3241

For more info about the show and to make your reservations, Click Here.


ISE Logo   






Celebrating 20 Years of Awesomeness! Celebrating 20 Years of Awesomeness!

'Big' Mike Harris, co-founder of AccuGlide Saws, started in 1975 as a custom tile contractor, servicing the Central Coast of California.  The first AccuGlide Saw was developed by Mike himself, for his own use in the late 1980’s as he transitioned into stone fabrication.  Mike and his lovely wife, Grace, founded AccuGlide Saws in 1996 and released the first production model saw to the public that same year, which became an instant hit nationwide.  Over the next several years, they were joined by two of their sons, Andrew and Ben, and daughters Beth and Gracie.

A lot has happened since AccuGlide stamped their name on that first saw.  But, as we move into our twentieth year here at AccuGlide, with second generation owners Ben and Beth now at the helm, we’re continually focused on building the highest quality equipment, while always nurturing lasting relationships with our loyal and customers.  We know that without them, the Harris AccuGlide Saws legacy would never survive.

If you’re shopping for AccuGlide, then we know that when it comes to tools, you will never compromise!  Every AccuGlide Saw is hand assembled with pride here at our California factory.  We will always back our equipment with the customer service you would expect from a family owned and operated company!

Help us celebrate by asking us how you can get a FREE 20th Anniversary AccuGlide Tee!


We'll be at Marmomacc in Verona, Italy! We'll be at Marmomacc in Verona, Italy!

The Marmomacc Stone show in Verona, Italy will be opening it's doors Sept 30 thru Oct 3 - and we’ll be there in person to check it out!

Watch out for pictures from the show floor!


To find out more about Marmomacc on their website, click here.


Jose Alvarez Wins AGS Spotlight Challenge! Jose Alvarez Wins AGS Spotlight Challenge!

Congratulations to Jose Alvarez for winning the AccuGlide Saws Spotlight Challenge!

This is what he had to say about us:

"We've been using AccuGlide saws in our shop for years now. We also own a Blue Ripper Sr. saw from Omega. We use the Ripper from time to time on long cuts because it cuts a little faster, but it’s too heavy. The rails are also thinner stainless steel compared to AccuGlide's.”

“We use our two AccuGlide Saws on 90% of the cuts we make - very clean, very straight cuts.  And we really like how lightweight they are. Setup is much faster.  If we were to purchase only one saw again, it would be hands down the AccuGlide.”

“AccuGlide is a solid company to work with! For us they are local, so I like that I can stop by for blades and service.”

“We also use the miter cutting attachment and it’s been a very important tool for us. I usually do the mitering myself with the system and specialize in high end, complicated miter tops. I have a local shop that subs their miter work out to us because there bridge saw was not holding the precision needed for a good tight miter joint.”  

“Business has been great! We've grown every year for the past five years. Our AccuGlide Saws have been invaluable to us. They've paid for themselves many times over and are still going strong!"


For a chance to showcase your work on our home page and win FREE stuff in the process, check out the AccuGlide Spotlight Challenge!


Mariusz Wins Spotlight Challenge! Mariusz Wins Spotlight Challenge!

Congratulations to Mariusz Wojtania for winning the AccuGlide Saws Spotlight Challenge!

This is what he had to say about us:

"I couldn't be happier! We recently ordered the AccuGlide Miter Cutting Workstation with the 3000PRO Model Saw. It does just what AccuGlide said it would. We have already mitered a range of material - from onyx to granite. It’s proven to be a great solution to the hold-up we were experiencing with miter cutting on our bridge saw. The cuts we’re getting now, with the AccuGlide, are sharp and dead on.”

“We’re also very happy with the service we received and would certainly recommend AccuGlide as a company to others."

For a chance to showcase your work on our home page and win FREE stuff in the process, check out the AccuGlide Spotlight Challenge!


TISE 2015 - A Complete Success! TISE 2015 - A Complete Success!

The International Surface Event in Las Vegas was a super success this year - we had a blast! We are really excited to have added so many new members to the AccuGlide family. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit us! We will definitely be back next year.

Mike Alicea, owner of TLC Surfaces - out of Rochester, MN - was present and making sure to tell everybody how much he LOVES his AccuGlide equipment. It was a real pleasure to have him there with us for the show - Thanks Mike!

Of particular interest this year was the Miter Cutting Workstation -  the AccuGlide MiterMaster™ and VersaTable™ combo.  And of course, as always, the EZ-TILT™ Table caught more than a few starry-eyed gazes. It just goes to show that AccuGlide equipment is still the highest standard in quality and value for any granite fabrication shop!

We also got the chance to catch-up with Larry from OMNI CUBED.  He stopped by to say hi and give us the low-down on some of their newest products.  We had on display the OMNI CUBED Miter-It™ Miter Clamps – which pairs beautifully with our Miter Cutting Workstation.  Also on display was the OMNI CUBED Stealth Seamer™ Automatic.

And who could forget about the GHINES Sector Triple-Speed Router we had out for everyone to see and touch. We gave out tons of awesome AccuGlide Tees and lots of candy, coffee and bottles of water.  Yep, our booth was rockin’ it.

If you missed the show this year – don’t fret - we will be back in 2016.  Keep your eyes open for some extra special AccuGlide announcements regarding next year’s trade show!




Las Vegas - Here We Come! Las Vegas - Here We Come!

Exhibits: January 21-23, 2015
Education: January 20-23, 2015

Mandalay Bay Convention Center | Las Vegas, Nevada USA
AccuGlide Saws Booth #B832


This year we are proud to be exhibiting at the International Surface Event in a 20' x 20' booth!  The AccuGlide team will be on hand to answer all your questions along with live demos every hour, our newest products on hand, and two fantastic show specials!

As usual, you will have the opportunity to see AccuGlide equipment live in action!  Not only will you see the very best Stone Cutting Saws in their class - and the corresponding Saw Attachments - for making pristine straight, miter and circle cuts, along with edge profiles, but you’ll also observe how easy it is to use our exclusive AccuGlide EZ-TILT™ Table - the best option for safe one-man tilting of even the largest granite slabs.

Plus, as a special bonus this year – we’ll have a long-time entrepreneur and stone fabricator, Mike Alicea – Owner of TLC Surfaces – on hand for you to pick his brain.  The success of TLC Surfaces hinges on the reliability, longevity, and precision of their AccuGlide equipment, which they use on a daily basis.  Why does Mike like his AccuGlide tools so much?  Ask him in person!

Don't leave us hangin' - please make sure to visit us at Booth B832! Stop by to say hi, ask questions, watch demos, or just relax with friends!


Now an Authorized Dealer of GHINES Now an Authorized Dealer of GHINES

Is your Stone Router on its last leg? Or are you in serious need of upgrading to a professional router to keep up with production?

If edge and sink shaping has been a frustrating bottleneck for your business this year, then the SECTOR will make you a very happy business owner in 2015. The SECTOR is an unmatched workhorse for quality edges and fast production speeds. Every hour that it's running in your shop will make you money!

So here's the deal we are extending to you: If you order a GHINES SECTOR Router between now and the end of 2014, we will give you a set of Apexx Diamond Router Bits, worth up to $350.00, for FREE! It's also a very wise business decision to receive delivery of your needed equipment purchase BEFORE December 31, to save thousands on your taxes under the 179 tax credit (click link for details).

If you think you would like to take advantage of this offer, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll send you over a quote for the machine delivered to your door. Also, let us know what router bit profile you would like!


The Rye-Corp Husky Gantry Saw The Rye-Corp Husky Gantry Saw

The simple but very rugged design of the Rye-Corp Husky makes it an excellent choice for starting up your own granite division, or expanding your already thriving business!  It's made in the USA of standard parts - which makes repairs a breeze.  Contact us today to learn if the Husky is a right fit for you.


We Have Apexx! We Have Apexx!

Apexx router bits provide the perfect balance between quality and cost, allowing you to create high-end edging without breaking the bank.  Check out the whole line today!


Diamax Tooling Joins the AccuGlide Lineup! Diamax Tooling Joins the AccuGlide Lineup!

AccuGlide has added Diamax tooling to our lineup as the perfect compliment to the Rye-Corp Fab King Work Center.

Diamax has developed a complete line of competitively-priced super high-performance tools that have undergone rigorous testing in the field and the laboratory, proving themselves among the best in the industry.

And now getting the tooling you need is simple as visiting our website:


We Now Carry Omni Cubed Products! We Now Carry Omni Cubed Products!

We have been working feverishly to prepare for our official launch of Omni Cubed products. It's finally here!  We are happy to introduce Omni Cubed products to AccuGlide's awesome tool line up. 

It doesn't get much better than Omni Cubed when it comes to granite installation equipment.  Omni Cubed, Inc. is a Northern California based, engineering and design company providing high quality, innovative tooling for the stone fabrication industry.

The Omni Cubed team has over thirty years experience in mechanical design, engineering, and machining; and over twenty years experience working in and with stone fabrication companies.

Omni Cubed, Inc. specializes in products that provide reductions in time, labor, and money spent on stone fabrication and related processes. Our products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Like us here at AccuGlide Saws, the Omni Cubed team places excellent customer service as a top priority, as well as being honest and fair in all business transactions.


Facebook Milestone Reached - 100 Likes! Facebook Milestone Reached - 100 Likes!

We did it - 100 Likes on Facebook!  We are officially hooked! We love reading comments from our customers who love their AccuGlide tools! If you haven’t liked us yet on Facebook, what are you waiting for?  This is one wagon you need to get on!  Get awesome tips, news updates, inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs, customer testimonials, and maybe even some humor to make the day go by a little quicker.

Plus, if you Like us on Facebook and tell us about it the next time you place an order - you may just get a little something extra with your order!  Try it out and see what happens.



Stone World Magazine: Machine of the Month

The AccuGlide C360 Saw was our most talked about model at the recent STONEXPO Trade Show and now it's the March "Machine of the Month" featured in Stone World Magazine.


Put the C360 to work this month and your order will come with a FREE 6" QT Profile Wheel for use with your C360*. Available in Bullnose, Bevel, or Ogee.


*May not be combined with other promotional offers.

AccuGlide now offers the Fab King! AccuGlide now offers the Fab King!

Has under-mount sink fabrication become a bottleneck in your shop? If the answer is yes, you're ready for the Fab King!

When it’s not processing sinks - keep it running as money making back-splash polishing workstation - for fast and precise edge polishes.

The Fab King Work Center requires little or no experience to operate and it can cut out any sink shape using a template (which means no mistakes and precise dimensions) in as little as 8 minutes. Drill faucet fixture holes in seconds with minimal tool wear.

Edge profiling can be done quickly and easily with no threat of scratching the surface. With leathered and honed finishes gaining popularity - the Fab King makes that custom leathered finish on bathroom vanities a cinch.

The Fab King has a rigid cantilever frame with manual CNC movement, a powerful 3hp motor and a standard 1/2" gas connection which fits standard tooling common to radial arm machines as well as Sector/Master tooling with adaptors.

Put the Fab King Work Center to work in your shop today and set new production records this year! 


Introducing the NEW C360 Stone Saw Introducing the NEW C360 Stone Saw

Are you a big fan of our AccuGlide 3000PRO model, but wish you could buy it just to cut circles? You asked for it, and now it’s here! Outfitted with all the patented precision of the 3000PRO Model, the C360 Saw is ready to cut and profile circles all day long!

You’d be crazy to keep cutting your circles by hand, when you can process the same circle in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours! And the best news is - it’s competitively priced to include the C360 Saw, the ProCircle Attachment, and a premium circle cutting blade for less than your favorite Italian router!



The Trade Show Was A Success! The Trade Show Was A Success!

Thanks for visiting us at StonExpo in Las Vegas last week! The show was a huge success, proving that the stone business is going strong! 

We had an awesome response to the debut of our C360 circle cutting saw and our mobile EZ-TILT™ table.  Make sure to visit us at StonExpo next year to check out our even bigger 20’ x 20’ booth and more new products!






Come Visit Us in Las Vegas! Come Visit Us in Las Vegas!

Exhibits: January 28-30, 2014
Education: January 27-30, 2014

Mandalay Bay Convention Center | Las Vegas, Nevada USA
AccuGlide Saws Booth #B928

January 2014 - StoneExpo/Marmomacc Americas and SURFACES is co-launching with the all new TileExpo to form the ultimate event essential to flooring, stone and tile professionals.

AccuGlide Saws is back at the StonExpo this year with our popular 200 sq. ft. booth, and we're so excited to see you there! See the AccuGlide Saw live and in action, along with the the MiterMaster, ProCircle and ProFence on display for you to inspect and admire.

Also making an appearance is the EZ-TILT full slab handling table with the brand-new mobile option: Integrated industrial low profile swivel casters for easy table movement. Includes 3000 pound capacity and 4 screw jacks to lock and level the EZ-TILT Table in place!

Our expert team of associates, Ben, Michael, Beth and Nichole, will be on hand to answer your questions and show off our equipment. Whether you already have AccuGlide equipment, are looking for equipment options, or just want to hang out and eat candy, we want to see you there!

Also, make sure you don't miss out on our drawing for a free MiterMaster saw attachment – all booth attendees that have their badge card ‘swiped’ are eligible. We'll see you soon at Booth #B928!


The EZ-TILT Goes Mobile! The EZ-TILT Goes Mobile!

AccuGlide’s EZ-TILT Table was an instant hit for fabricators wanting an affordable solution to handle a slab safely and efficiently in their small and medium sized shops.

The EZ-TILT table keeps overhead low, and most importantly doesn’t compromise on safety in your shop!

Our exclusive EZ-TILT is now available with a mobile option. For those of you whose shop layout requires a mobile table we bring you: New industrial low profile swivel casters for easy table movement; with 3000 pound capacity and 4 screw jacks to lock and level the EZ-TILT in place.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of EZ-TILT efficiency:

  1. Tilt and begin cutting a full 3cm slab in under a minute
  2. Never sacrifice operator safety
  3. Low maintenance with industrial grade construction
  4. ….AND keep your table mobile!

Come see our newest EZ-TILT Table at StonExpo Booth #B928 in Las Vegas – January 28-30, 2014.