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What Makes a Great Stone Shop Website What Makes a Great Stone Shop Website

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Customer Service Tips

Whether large or small, it's a good idea to have a website for your stone shop. Not only is it an affordable form of advertising, but it's extremely affective. Here are our tips for what makes a great stone shop website.


sintered stone How to Cut Sintered Stone

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Stone Fabrication Tips

At the TISE trade show this year, we picked up on a material that's gaining a lot of traction. Our industry is getting excited about sintered stone. You might be familiar with it already, one popular manufacturer is Neolith®.

What is sintered stone? It’s a man-made ultra compact surface engineered for durability. It's been around for a few years now, so if you haven't fabricated with it already, you may be soon. Either way, you're going to want to learn how to cut sintered stone the right way. With your craftsman's skills and the right tools, you'll get the most out of this awesome material.


Mitered Edge Countertop Mitered Edge Countertops: Tips & Tricks

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Fabrication Guides | Quick Guides

If you’re a stone fabricator still shying away from mitered edge countertops, you’re not alone. Getting a good miter cut is no easy task. These are the two biggest issues fabricators face with mitered edge countertops, and the solution to make miter cuts fast, easy, and flawless!


TISE 2019: Another Successful Year TISE 2019: Another Successful Year

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Company News

We're back with a report on The International Surface Event 2019!


Customer Story: ProFloors LLC Customer Story: ProFloors LLC

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Customer Stories

How a flooring company with no stone fabrication services created a gorgeous fireplace in 3.5 days.

We recently received an awesome story from one of our customers on how the AccuGlide saw solved a huge problem for them. This unique approach shows just how versatile the AccuGlide saw is for all kinds of builders.

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