MiterMaster (saw not included)

MM04 ACCUGLIDE MiterMaster™ Attachment ACCUGLIDE MiterMaster™ Attachment

$ 1,050 (saw not included)

The MiterMaster™ Attachment is a 6 piece kit that props your tracks up on the stone at the perfect angle for precise miters. The solid engineering of the pieces keeps your saw super stable for chip-free cuts. It's also extremely easy to use, making your miter cutting smooth, fast, and stress-free. Even fabricators with limited experience can manage supremely professional results.

Key Features

Compatible with classic and 3000pro models

  • Miter edge profiles in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, stairs, and furniture
  • Miter counters and bars for hotels, offices and restaurants
  • Quirk miters for cladding, wainscot and columns
  • Set up on the jobsite for quick and chip-free quirk miters on interior and exterior building projects

Package Includes

Left and Right Main Fixtures (qty 1 each) Place each fixture on either side of your work piece and use the simple depth stops to calibrate a perfect 46 degree miter.

Inside Corner Fixture (qty 1) This fixture can be used on left-facing or right-facing inside corners of L-shaped work pieces. This fixture allows for precise miters in tricky spots, minimizing the amount of hand-mitering needed.

In-line Support Fixture (qty 1) Use this fixture to support the upper track on cuts over 72".

In-line Support Monopod Leg (qty 1) This telescoping fixture supports the lower track on all cuts over 72".

Cut Specifications

Maximum cut depth:

  • 7" blade: 1-1/4"
  • 8" blade: 1-3/4"
  • 9" blade: 2-1/4"

How to Use

 Patent No. 7198042B2

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  • Name: Munkh Sereegotov
  • Company: Merrifield Granite & Marble
  • Location: Springfield, VA, USA
Munkh Sereegotov

Munkh Sereegotov

We purchased the AccuGlide 3000QT Saw with the miter cutting system and have already cut more than 50 projects for both commercial and residential applications. I would highly recommend AccuGlide tools to anyone in the stone fabrication industry. The quality of the saw, and its cuts, are very good.

Our AccuGlide is much faster than our bridge saw and the cuts are much cleaner too, specifically on really porous marbles. The Quick-Lock tracks and Suction Sups are very helpful to use on jobsites for making chip-free cuts.

Working with AccuGlide customer service and their tools has been an outstanding experience. They have been very professional and deliver on their promises.

  • Name: Aaron Decker
  • Location: Tarpon Springs, FL, USA
Aaron Decker

Aaron Decker

We just finished building a 2 tier bar and grill station for a large apartment complex. The tops were 244" long and mitered on every exposed edge. We had no choice but to field fabricate the entire project. Without using the AccuGlide saw and miter system, the job would have been almost impossible. The results are amazing and the setup takes almost no time. We now have 3 saws for the shop/field crews and will be buying more in the near future. Highly recommended!

  • Name: Nick Malette
  • Company: Owner of RGS Granite Inc.
  • Location: London, ON, Canada
Nick Malette

Nick Malette

I am the owner of RGS granite in London, Ontario, Canada. I have been fabricating for over 26 years. RGS specializes in dining tables. We also put out an average of 4 kitchen tops per week. Since we work with furniture, we do more miter cuts than the average shop. You can check our catalog at to see the type of work the AccuGlide system can perform.

We currently use 2 AccuGlide saws, one new system that we purchased a year ago, complete with the EZ-Tilt Table, the ProCircle system and MiterMaster system. The second AccuGlide saw is over 10 years old and was adapted for the miter cut. If you are looking at a new setup, the EZ-Tilt Table is a must and works great.

I would recommend the AccuGlide system as well as the Harris family to work with. I have been working with them for over 10 years and have developed a friendship with them. Even if I have never met them in person, I can say that every member of this family prides themselves on quality service. They have always delivered on what they say they will do. I have never hesitated to recommend this system to any of my friends in the industry.

  • Name: Greg Bergmann
  • Company: Soapstone Werks
Greg Bergmann

Greg Bergmann

We are amazed at how fast, straight and clean this AccuGlide saw cuts! We have used every type of sawing system over 25 years from straight edge and skill-saw to track saws and bridge saws, and I can't say enough good things about this system, and it’s portable!

The miters are sharp enough to shave with. Ben and the rest of the team at AccuGlide have been so informative and very helpful with advice and solutions to questions. We receive attachments and blades usually the next day. The folks at AccuGlide have really put a lot of thought and effort into their products and systems, the quality definitely goes in before the AccuGlide name goes on!

  • Name: Jose Alvarez
  • Location: Nipomo, CA, USA
Jose Alvarez

Jose Alvarez

We've been using AccuGlide saws in our shop for years now. We use our two AccuGlide saws on 90% of the cuts we make - very clean, very straight cuts. And we really like how lightweight they are. Setup is much faster. If we were to purchase only one saw again, it would be hands down the AccuGlide.

We also use the miter cutting attachment and it’s been a very important tool for us. I usually do the mitering myself with the system and specialize in high end, complicated miter tops. I have a local shop that subs their miter work out to us because there bridge saw was not holding the precision needed for a good tight miter joint.

AccuGlide is a solid company to work with! For us they are local, so I like that I can stop by for blades and service.

Business has been great, we've grown every year for the past five years. Our AccuGlide Saws have been invaluable to us. They've paid for themselves many times over and are still going strong!


  • Name: Mariusz Wojtania
  • Company: Bull Stone Inc.
  • Location: Middle Village, NY
Mariusz Wojtania

Mariusz Wojtania

I couldn't be happier! We recently ordered the AccuGlide Miter Cutting Workstation with the 3000PRO Model Saw. It does just what AccuGlide said it would. We have already mitered a range of material - from onyx to granite. It’s proven to be a great solution to the hold-up we were experiencing with miter cutting on our bridge saw. The cuts we’re getting now, with the AccuGlide, are sharp and dead on.

We’re also very happy with the service we received and would certainly recommend AccuGlide as a company to others.

CLICK HERE to see more of Bull Stone's work

  • Name: Steven Anderson
  • Company: Absolute Marble & Granite
  • Location: Nipomo, CA, USA
Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson

We have been cutting with AccuGlide equipment for close to a decade now. We've found the system to be easy to use, economical and cuts as good as any bridge saw. To date we have completed over 500 kitchens with this saw.

Our AccuGlide enabled us to start up at a relatively low cost. As a smaller shop we had to pick and choose where to spend our equipment money. With the production we achieved with our AccuGlide, we chose to invest in equipment other than a bridge saw, picking up an In-line polisher instead. We've found it’s made for a well balanced shop.

More recently we purchased the MiterMaster and VersaTable for a kitchen with a miter edge detail in Calcutta Oro. The MiterMaster was a breeze to use and it cut the job perfectly.

The AccuGlide Company knows their products inside and out. They’re very knowledgeable about the stone industry and they actually listen to feedback from their customers.

We would absolutely recommend this saw to other companies who are getting started and looking for an economical cutting solution!


  • Name: Greg Grasso
  • Company: Owner of Grasso Glass & Stone
  • Location: Steamboat Springs, CO, USA
Greg Grasso

Greg Grasso

Your product has truly served me well for over 6 years. My company has grown along with yours from the days of the original saw with the Milwaulkee® engine to the PRO Saw and all of its attachments! You guys have been great! Thank you for standing behind and improving your product over the years! It has truly helped me become a recognized and established natural stone fabricator in this demanding economy and market.

AccuGlide has continued to grow and meet the demands of my business, a small custom shop. This saw cannot be beat! We have cut every job we have ever had in the past 6 years with the AccuGlide. I have lost count but I would estimate well over 700 projects. From 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 6cm, circles, miters, to inlay, this saw has stood the test and continues to work for us today.

This is the best saw on the market for small custom fabricators. It cannot be beat for economy, weight, durability, portability & ease of use! AccuGlide is well made, and delivers on all its features.

AccuGlide’s family business has been a pleasure. We are a small company and enjoy the one on one relationship they provide in a professional manner!

  • Name: Dylan Jackson
  • Company: Owner of World Granite LLC
  • Location: James Island, SC, USA
Dylan Jackson

Dylan Jackson

I am very impressed with the quick service I get on the east coast. Timing is always an issue in this industry. Customer service is second to none. I love it that I am known by first name by whoever answers the phone. Everyone shares the same product knowledge, makes placing orders easy.

The saw speaks for itself. I personally do all of the cutting, and I can layout and cut three slabs a day, and not feel beat up at the end of the day. Fab time is greatly reduced due to step cuts (unlike other saws that leave a line on each step that have to then be stoned out) and true right angle cuts.

The ProCircle and MiterMaster attachments save me lots of time every week. And, with a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.

I recommend AccuGlide products, and I have no problem being used as a referral. Thank you to the Harris family!

  • Name: Phil Mintz
  • Company: Happy Trails Cabinets
  • Location: Clyde, TX, USA

Phil Mintz

We did extensive research on stone rail saws and found that the AccuGlide system afford us speed, performance and most of all accuracy. We spoke to the company people not to reps which we found helpful and comforting. We are a smaller shop and the AccuGlide Pro system gave us plenty of room to grow. We are very happy with our results thus far and plan for this system to be an integral part of our success in the years to come.

  • Name: Manual Baptista
  • Company: Baptista Tile

Manual Baptista

The addition of the AccuGlide has allowed Baptista Tile to offer slab fabrication to our customers, our business has grown and we are a complete Tile and stone showroom and installation service. We have done 120 kitchens approximately, but many more smaller tops that have been easy to cut with the mobility of the AccuGlide. It is user friendly, light weight, requires little room to operate. Ben and staff have been a joy to do business with.

  • Name: E.K.
  • Company: Brazen Excellence
  • Location: CA


I am writing this letter to say that your product PERFORMS AS ADVERTISED! In fact, based upon claims being made by other track/rail saws being marketed with extreme hype and fantastic claims about cutting speed; I think you are too modest in your advertising. Your saw and miter system does everything you claim, and in the fashion you say it can be done.