MiterMaster (saw not included)

ACCUGLIDE MiterMaster™ Attachment


985.00 (Saw & Tracks Not Included)

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Use with all AccuGlide Models for precise edge miter cuts.

Our patented original MiterMaster Attachment (Saw & Tracks not included) affixes your AccuGlide to the work piece for perfect edge-miter cuts. This rigid design ensures chip free cuts not achievable by other rail saws or by hand cutting. If you have a project that requires precise and fast miter cuts, an AccuGlide with the MiterMaster Attachment is the answer.

Here are just a few applications:

  • Mitered edge profiles in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, stairs, and furniture
  • Mitered counters and bars for hotels, offices and restaurants
  • Quirk miters for cladding, wainscot and columns
  • Set up on the jobsite for quick and chip-free quirk miters on interior and exterior building projects


Package Includes:

MiterMaster Fixtures (2 pieces, right and left)

  • Use on square or rectangular stone pieces
  • MiterMaster Depth Stop ensures fast repeatable setups
  • Solid dual-handle design and spring-release clamp system
  • Pre-calibrated to 46 degrees for a tight seam, with room for bonder
  • Extremely durable design and materials

MiterMasterInside Corner Fixture (qty 1)

  • Clamps to the center of the piece instead of the end, allowing you to miter the inside of an L-shaped counter top
  • Supports both the top and bottom track when mitering with 12.5’ Tracks

MiterMaster In-line Support Fixture (qty 2)

  • Use on cuts over 6’ Stiffens Tracks, keeping the miter straight
  • Design allows for a full length cut up to 11'  without moving the fixture


MiterMaster Cut Specifications

Maximum cut depth:

  • 7" blade: 1-1/4"
  • 8" blade: 1-3/4"
  • 9" blade: 2-1/4"

Patent No. 7198042B2