Cut Stone Miters with Miter Workstation

"Since introducing AccuGlide tools, our client base has expanded rapidly. Purchasing AccuGlide equipment has truly been the best business investment I have made to date."
- Bella Casa Construction Request Pricing

Cut Stone Miters with Miter Workstation

Increase your shop's weekly miter cutting ouput by 50%

Impress and grow your customer base with perfect miters

Produce clean miter cuts reliably, year after year

Most stone fab shops cut one or more mitered kitchens per week. Likewise, many shops report that 50% or more of their work requires the mitered edge detail. The biggest concern is how to produce these miters fast, as well as clean.

What about you? Are you looking for fast, clean miters? Then this targeted Miter Cutting Workstation is going to be your saving grace. Why? Below are 3 key reasons you NEED to look into this station.

#1 - Increased Weekly Output

Most bridge saws take twice as long to cut mitered kitchens than standard ninety degree cuts.

Why so slow? Because the 2-3 ft/min cutting speeds gobble up the time it takes to get a clean cut. It also takes considerable time to rotate the head and to calibrate and clean the table. As a result, the bridge gets bogged down. Furthermore, you fall farther behind as more miter jobs are added to the job board.

The solution? First, blast through ONLY ninety degree cuts on your bridge saw. Then, do the miter cutting on the AccuGlide Miter Cutting Workstation. Think of it as a profiling operation. This prevents the inevitable "death-by-bottleneck" at the bridge saw. As as result, your weekly output will increase drastically! You'll be cutting miters on an average-sized kitchen in an hour or less.

#2 - Get More Business with Your Clean Miters

The Miter Cutting Workstation cleanly cuts a huge variety of materials. Quartz, Dekton®, Neolith®, Onyx, Marble and Granite – all up to 132” long. Clean cuts translate into tight and fast laminations and happy customers. Happy customers convert to referral business. And when that happens, you'll already be set up for more profitable miter jobs!.

#3 - Durability for Daily Production

Durability is a MUST in the stone business. We take serious pride in these machines. All our tools have been hand-assembled in the USA for over 21 years. Our miter cutting system is one-of-a-kind. It's the only one with a carriage built from stainless steel. And it comes with thick 0.120" wall stainless tracks built to last. Your saw will be cutting with precision many years after its first day in operation.

Trusted by Thousands of Shops Around the World Since 1996!

"We purchased the AccuGlide Miter Cutting Workstation and have already cut more than 50 projects for both commercial and residential applications. I would highly recommend AccuGlide tools to anyone in the stone fabrication industry. The quality of the saw, and its cuts, are very good. Working with AccuGlide customer service and their tools has been an outstanding experience. They have been very professional and deliver on their promises."
Merrifield Granite & Marble
Springfield, VA, USA