Jose Alvarez Wins AGS Spotlight Challenge!

Jose Alvarez Wins AGS Spotlight Challenge!

Congratulations to Jose Alvarez for winning the AccuGlide Saws Spotlight Challenge!

This is what he had to say about us:

"We've been using AccuGlide saws in our shop for years now. We also own a Blue Ripper Sr. saw from Omega. We use the Ripper from time to time on long cuts because it cuts a little faster, but it’s too heavy. The rails are also thinner stainless steel compared to AccuGlide's.”

“We use our two AccuGlide Saws on 90% of the cuts we make - very clean, very straight cuts.  And we really like how lightweight they are. Setup is much faster.  If we were to purchase only one saw again, it would be hands down the AccuGlide.”

“AccuGlide is a solid company to work with! For us they are local, so I like that I can stop by for blades and service.”

“We also use the miter cutting attachment and it’s been a very important tool for us. I usually do the mitering myself with the system and specialize in high end, complicated miter tops. I have a local shop that subs their miter work out to us because there bridge saw was not holding the precision needed for a good tight miter joint.”  

“Business has been great! We've grown every year for the past five years. Our AccuGlide Saws have been invaluable to us. They've paid for themselves many times over and are still going strong!"


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