Mitered Edge Countertops: Tips & Tricks

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

If you’re a stone fabricator still shying away from mitered edge countertops, you’re not alone. Getting a good miter cut is no easy task. These are the two biggest issues fabricators face with mitered edge countertops, and the solution to make miter cuts fast, easy, and flawless!

The Issues

chipped cut blue

The first issue is chipped edges. Chipped edges are a ton of work to clean up. A common approach is to hide the chips by polishing in a heavy eased edge. But then you've lost that nice, sharp look and the high-end results you wanted.

curved cut 3

Another, possibly worse, issue is curved cuts. Even if you have a new bridge saw you’ll still get a curved cut when mitering any slab that's dished on the polished side. It’s inescapable geometry. The painful fact is MOST slabs are dished on the polish side so you may think you're stuck when this happens.

The Solution

What many don't know is that the solution to these issues is simple: treat mitering as a profiling operation.

This involves just two steps:

1. Use your AccuGlide saw or a bridge saw at full speed to cut the countertop and fascia miter strips at ninety degrees. Even with a dished slab, the cuts will remain straight at ninety degrees.

2. Move the countertop and lamination strips to your miter workstation. Using your AccuGlide MiterMaster attachment, clip the countertop edge to 45 degrees (see graphic below). The stability of the attachment will keep your cuts chip-free.

Two Step Miter Cutting Profile Operation

With this method you get tight, clean laminations. And it's faster than other profiling operations like double bullnose or ogee. You'll have lots of time left over for lamination and the final polish.

With the time you save and the higher quality end result, miter cuts could be your most profitable work.


Miter Example

Check out the gorgeous result of using a profiling operation for miters. See more customer examples on this page under the "Projects" tab: https://accuglidesaws.com/mitermaster-attachment

What is a miter workstation?

A Miter Workstation is a stone rail saw with everything you need to cut perfect miters. That includes a heavy-duty specialized blade, stainless steel tracks, and mitering attachments. Everything is quick to assemble and use on its working table.

You can try jerry-rigging your own miter workstation, or you can let us do the work for you. We've designed the only miter workstation out there.

Higher Production: With a dedicated miter workstation, you’ll get a few extra slabs cut up every day. No second-shifts or OT.

Higher Quality: Cuts are MUCH cleaner. Clean, super sharp miter cuts that are straight! And no chips!

Versatility: You can use your miter workstation a backup saw or overflow saw.

More Materials: You'll be able to cut even the most difficult materials. Check out the video below to see these cuts on Rainforest Brown stone, which is notorious for chipping.



View the full product details of our miter workstation here: https://accuglidesaws.com/accuglide-miter-cutting-station

With these tips, the right tools, and perhaps a miter cutting workstation of your own, you'll be producing high quality mitered edge countertops that may be your most profitable work yet!