SAFE and EASY Granite Tilt Table

"The tilt table is amazing. One guy is able to lay a 3cm slab down by himself and we’re not worried about anyone getting hurt."
- Eurofab Structures Ltd Get the Details

SAFE and EASY Granite Tilt Table

SAFE - full slab tilting

DURABLE - super tough industrial quality

EFFICIENT - make slab cutting a one man job

MADE IN THE USA - for over 20 years


Take the Stress Out of Slab Handling

You can use our EZ-TILT granite tilt table with any stone cutting rail saw. Once loaded and secured, a 3cm 70 square foot slab tilts in under 5 seconds. After you cut your slab, lock in the countertop pieces and tilt your table to a vertical position. Now you're ready for offloading.

The Safe Way to Tilt an Oversize Stone Slab by Yourself

EZ-TILT Granite Tilt Table Features:

  • 6.5' x 11' CBU table surface
  • Super-heavy-duty steel construction
  • Beautiful sand-blasted and powder-coated finish
  • Full water drainage
  • Built-in safety features
  • Built in California with USA steel

Our EZ-TILT granite tilt table is for the stone craftsman who is serious about stone fabrication. It's the absolute best design, material and build you can find on the market.

Trusted by Thousands of Shops Around the World Since 1996!

"The EZ-TILT table has made our work environment much safer. Now, lowering slabs is often a one man job, freeing other employees to continue their work and not loose production time. The individuals at AccuGlide feel like business partners rather than product suppliers. I know they will be with us for many years to come, as they are genuinely interested in our success."
Bella Casa Construction
Littleton, CO, USA