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Key Features

The GHINES SYSMATIC CNC workstation is ideal for processing marble, granite and other stone materials. The limited dimensions of this workstation allow for easily installation. Perform drilling, profiling and polishing (oval, round, square or other shapes). Slab lengths that can be accommodated are not limited by the Sysmatic. 

Maximum workable area is 75 cm (29.5”) x 60 cm (23.6”).  Write and engrave bas-relief. Programming is simple, intuitive and very practical at every stage of any process. Workpieces can be fixed firmly in two ways, mechanically and by vacuum suction cups.



 Work table

  • Z Stroke (Vertical): 150 mm
  • X Stroke (Longitudinal): 840 mm
  • Y Stroke (Transversal): 700 mm
  • Max Slab Thickness Accommodated (on suction cups): 50 mm
  • Max Slab Thickness Accommodated (on work table): 100 mm
  • Max Slab Width Accommodated: 1,200 mm
  • Max Slab Length Accommodated: No Limit
  • Max Workable Outside Edge Dimensions (such as cutting/profiling table tops): 750 mm x 600 mm
  • Max Workable Inside Cut-Out Dimensions (such as cutting/profiling sink cut-outs): 880 mm x 700 mm



  • Work Table Structure: Spaced aluminum profiles allow for drainage and locking the slab into position mechanically
  • Overall Dimensions 220cm x 130cm x 130cm
  • Overall Weight: 480kg


Linear guides

  • Tempered and Passivated Steel
  • Linear guides with 4 rows of recirculating balls


Operating Head

  • Motor: electro spindle 2,2 kW
  • Spindle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Spindle Fixing: ½” gas F
  • Spindle Rotation: 1500 - 14000 rpm
  • Spindle Lubrication: Internal and External


Workpiece Position Locking

  • Vacuum system includes: One (1) Vacuum pump; Two (2) suction cups Ø180mm; Two (2) suction cups
  • Ø120mm; Two (2) suction cups Ø92mm
  • Mechanical position locking blocks, adjustable in two directions
    Movement of the axis
  • PLC controlled stepper motor



  • Tool lubrication: Internally and by 2 external water nozzles
  • Water pistol included
  • Water Supply Minimum: 15 l/min.



  • Electrical: 380V 50/60 Hz three-phase or 220V 50/60 Hz three-phase
  • Pneumatic Pressure: 3 bar
  • Air: 20 l/min
  • Minimum Water Pressure: 2 bar