GHINES IDRODOS Dust Extracting Wall


$ 19,400.00

GHINES IDRODOS Dust Extracting Wall With Air Depuration (by Water)

The GHINES IDRODOS suction wall and water depuration system extracts dust generated during stone processing operations, creating a safer working environment.

Key Features

The extremely strong suction of the IDRODOS pulls stone dust into the depuration machine, where airborne particles are captured by very fine atomized water droplets.  Those muddy droplets are then carried by airflow through a labyrinth of lamellar structures, where they cling to and accumulate on the structure’s surfaces, and the purified air exits on top. As droplets of muddy water accumulate, they become too heavy to be carried by airflow and drip down into the internal tank, where they are flushed away by a continual flow of water.

Installation does not require masonry work. Only electric and pneumatic connections are needed. Thanks to its user-friendly design and only a few simple controls, IDRODOS can be operated immediately after installation.


  • Motor: 10 HP, 4-pole, 3 phase
  • Wiring: separate control unit, command panel
  • Front Suction Area: 86" x 56" (215cm x 140cm)
  • Optional independent articulated arms: 10' long (300cm)
  • Weight: Approximately 1650lbs (750kg) empty