GHINES HYDRO Mud Separator


$ 3648.00

Key Features

The GHINES HYDRO Mud Separator System is an extremely simple way to collect, filter and dehydrate mud that accumulates in the bottom of the water pit when processing marble, granite and other stone materials. It makes mud disposal easy, saving time and money. 

A stainless steel pump pushes 200 lt/min of slurry into the hydro cyclone, which separates mud from water.  The filtered water exits from the top of the cyclone and is recycled back into the pit.  As the water comes out from under the pump, it continually agitates and removes heavy mud settled in the bottom of the pit, creating a heavy mud slurry which is then pulled back into the pump to start the cycle over again. Mud that is separated, being much heavier than water, exits from the bottom of the cyclone and into a sturdy filter bag at a rate of around 20-30 liters per minute. Excess water in the mud seeps through the filter bag, and drains back into the water pit.

The foldable filter bag support eliminates the need for a fixed structure and makes it easy to move the dehydrator system to anywhere where you need it.



  • Stainless Steel Pump: 200 lt/min - 0.6 bar - 230V 50Hz 1HP
  • Cyclone Dimensions – 22.83” x 11.57” x 11.8” (58cm x 29.4cm x 30cm)
  • Bag Holder Dimensions: 34.6" x 34.6" x 48.8" (88cm x 88cm x 124cm)
  • Machine Package Weight – 209 lbs (95kg)

Package Includes

  • One (qty 1) Hydrocyclone water/mud separator
  • One (qty 1) Hydrocyclone frame equipped with stainless steel water pump
  • One (qty 1) Retrofitted filter bag holder
  • One (qty 1) Filter bag for mud
  • One (qty 1) 17mm wrench
  • One (qty 1) user's manual