G. Track Maintenance

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Here are best-practice tips for storage and maintenance of your AccuGlide rails. Your tracks are thick wall stainless steel, so they will stand up to a lot of use and wear. To keep them in good working order we recommend some TLC. So you can maintain their factory precision for years to come!


Proper Track Storage DO’S

✔️ Lay them flat on a shelf that is level over the full 12.5’ length with at least 4 support points.

✔️ Store them rubber side down.

✔️ Store near your cutting station so you can use it during the day.

✔️ It is ok to hang them on the vertically; but only from the top.


Track Storage DONT’S

❌ Lean them up against the wall or a rack.

❌ Lay them on the ground ready for the forklift to run over them.


Daily Maintenance and Usage

Hose and wipe the tracks down multiple times throughout the work day. Follow up with a light oil product on a rag every few cuts.


Wash your slab off every time you set up, so the rubber on the bottom of the rails can grip the wet stone.


Use your Calibration Indicators to set up your cut so you’re right-on, every time. It's worth taking the guesswork out of your blade to cut-line positioning. Check out the cut set up here. https://accuglidesaws.com/easy-1-2-3-cut-set-up-and-demo-of-the-quick-lock-tracks


Shim your 12.5’ tracks for an edge cut with a few scraps of stone.


Remember: If you have a PRO Saw you can flip it outside of the Track. You will need to use PRO Glide Pins for this set up - click here for the video. https://accuglidesaws.com/cutting-a-4cm-granite-laminate-edge

Always keep your Glide Pins at least ⅛” below the bottom of the saw. Never wear through Glide Pins so the Saw is dragging on the tracks, or touching the stone. Glide Pins are a consumable, so you'll need to adjust them. Click here for a video. https://accuglidesaws.com/replacing-adjusting-glide-pins-on-all-accuglide-models


If you think your tracks are not straight:

  1. Check the attachment hardware at the ends first.
  2. Loosening the hardware will allow them to settle out if they are not attached right.
  3. If the issue is within the length of the track, contact us immediately.


Keep in mind that you can repair and replace the rubber on the bottom after heavy usage. Ask us about the repair or replacement kit!