AccuGlide Saws

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions we're asked most often are listed here, so you can get the answers you need for the questions you have regarding cutting techniques, tips for using your AccuGlide equipment, and more.

Can I use standard blades with my AccuGlide?

Yes. You may use diamond knockout blades on your AccuGlide Saw. We include...

How do I cut against the edge of a slab?

The AccuGlide cuts perfectly within 1/4” of the edge...

How do I cut through the center of a slab?

Simply lock the trigger with a Velcro® strap...

Should I clamp my Tracks?

Clamping is optional. AccuGlide fabricators have used 12.5’ Tracks without clamping since 1996...

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