DM-PPVP050 DIAMAX 4" Cyclone Vitrified Pad - 50 Grit

$ 43.00

Key Features

DIAMAX 4" Cyclone Vitrified Pad – 50 Grit.  This rigid polishing/honing pad has a vitrified diamond bond that is very aggressive for quick surface preparation.  Use this pad to quickly and easily remove deep saw marks from stone surface. 

Resin Bond vs Vitrified Bond:

Polishing pads consist of two main components: 1) abrasive grains (such as diamonds) which actually perform the cutting action and 2) bonding material which holds the abrasive grains together. 

Standard resin polishing pads use a plastic-like resin bond. Generally, these bonds are softer and more flexible, releasing diamonds at a faster rate, which makes them ideal for polishing.  However, in situations where stock removal is required (as is the case for deep scratch removal), a resin bond polishing pad will wear out much faster than a vitrified bonded pad.

A vitrified bond is created by super-heating a special clay-like mixture. The result is a bond that is hard, rigid and strong, retaining the abrasive grains much longer than softer resin bonds.  Vitrified bonds last longer and cut much more aggressively than resin bonds, even if the grit size is the same. In other words, these pads can remove a lot of stock with low wear.  Due to the high abrasive retention, vitrified bonded pads may need to be dressed often.

Be careful to not apply too much pressure with vitrified bonded pads.  Often the weight of the tool provides sufficient pressure.  Too much pressure may result in overheating which causes the abrasive grains to dull faster than normal.  If that happens, the pad will need to be dressed to expose new sharp abrasive grains.