Cut Out a Rectangular Sink

Step-by-step instructions and list of necessary tools for cutting out a rectangular sink.

  1. Core the corners with a wet core drill bit (most common core bit size is 1-3/8" - can use with the Alpha® VSP-320 or other appropriate machine.)
  2. Then cut the straight sections with the AccuGlide.
  3. Use a Jig Saw and diamond blade (or angle grinder and 4.5" straight diamond blade) for finishing the tag left behind by the circular saw blade. Always use GFCI protection.
  4. Clean up/true the inside corners using a plug stone in 60 and 120 grit (silicon carbide stone in a 1 3/8" – 2” diameter) on the VSP-320 (maximum RPM) or on your high speed angle grinder.
  5. Use the Alpha® Profiler B to profile the top edge if needed.
  6. Many fabricators will polish the under-mount sinks with 4" diamond polishing pads and 3" flexible backer pad. This set up allows for polishing straight runs but also has extra flex for the inside corner.
  7. Use a plastic coring template with a 1-3/8” core bit to drill your faucet holes.


    • AccuGlide Saw # APR12BG, # A3012BG, OR # ACL12G
    • AT-VSP320 - Alpha® Variable Speed Wet Polisher (can also use with Alpha® profilers & wet core drill bits)
    • #AT-DCB01375 Wet Core Bit - 1 3/8"
    • Jig Saw with diamond blade
    • # AT-HSG125 - Alpha® High Speed Angle Grinder
    • 4 1/2” grinder blade such as # BEFX45
    • Plug stone in 60 & 120 grit
    • # AT-PFB101 - Alpha® B Profiler 3/8” Roundover
    • #AT-PFB051 - Alpha® B Profiler 3/16” Roundover
    • # AT-EX40KIT or # AT11CR4SET - Alpha® polishing pads, full set of diamond grits
    • # AT-GP35/8PD - 3" Alpha® Tools Flexible Backer Pad with 5/8"-11 Threads
    • # AT-GP45/8PD - 4" Alpha® Tools Flexible Backer Pad with 5/8"-11 Threads