Cut a Round/Oval Sink Cut-Out

Ben Harris

Ben Harris


Step-by-step instructions and necessary tools for cutting out a round or oval shaped sink.

  1. Make a template for your sink cut-out using ¼’ acrylic or Corian® material.
  2. Line up the sink template to your sink line on your slab. Trace the template outline and remove the template.
  3. Cut your bowl hole using the Alpha® AWS-125 (circular saw for stone) and 5" Alpha® Contour Blade.
    TIPS:  Step cut (two or three passes) to cut all the way through your slab. This will ensure you receive maximum motor life from your AWS machine. Cut about 1/8” inside the sink outline – this leaves room to grind back and avoid mistakes.
  4. Place your sink cut-out template back onto your clean stone. Line up with your cut-out position, and clamp into place.
  5. True up the cut with the Alpha® Profiler Z (zero tolerance profiler) on the Alpha® VSP-320 machine. This step brings the cut-out back to 90 degrees and provides your final shape before polishing. Your Alpha® Profiler Z is equipped with a steel depth bearing on the top of the diamond drum – providing depth control for an accurate shape according to your template
  6. Profile with the Alpha® VSP-320 and appropriate Alpha® Profiler shape as needed. Most common is a pencil round 3/16” Profiler B or an eased edge with the 3/8” Profiler B.
  7. Many fabricators will polish the under-mount sinks (straight or round) with 4" diamond polishing pads and 3" flexible backer pad. This set up provides the needed flex for polishing inside curves.
  8. Use a plastic coring template with a 1-3/8” core bit to drill your faucet holes.


  • Sink cut-out template - ¼’ acrylic or Corian® material.
  • # AT-AWS125 - Alpha® AWS-125 wet cutter
  • # AT-CCB005 - Alpha® 5” Contour Blade
  • AT-VSP120 - Alpha® Variable Speed Wet Polisher (can also use with Alpha® profilers & wet core drill bits)
  • # AT-PFZ301 - Alpha® Profiler Z
  • # AT-PFB101 - Alpha® B Profiler 3/8” Roundover
  • # AT-PFB051 - Alpha® B Profiler 3/16” Roundover
  • # AT-EX40KIT or # AT-CR4SET - Alpha® polishing pads, full set of diamond grits
  • # AT-GP35/8PD - 3" Alpha® Tools Flexible Backer Pad with 5/8"-11 Threads
  • # AT-GP45/8PD - 4" Alpha® Tools Flexible Backer Pad with 5/8"-11 Threads