ALPHA® Variable Speed Wet Polisher

AT-VSP320 ALPHA® Variable Speed Wet Polisher

$ 355.30

Key Features

ALPHA® Variable Speed Wet Polisher VSP-320

The Alpha® VSP-320 – upgraded from the VSP-120 – contains heavy-duty gear systems that include a step-down transmission and a bevel and pinion gear to produce the variable speed range of 700 to 2,500 rpm. Every machine component is precision-machined to reduce noise and vibration. This ensures long-lasting tool life and a comfortable operation. The spindle is specially coated to reduce friction, extending the life of the oil seals. The water hose is very flexible & kink-free. The electrical power cord has an inline GFCI. The hose lengths are 15 ft. and are bundled by 3 ft. of an easy-on/easy-off sleeve that improves maneuverability of the polisher. An adjustable splash guard and ventilation cap minimize water getting inside the motor housing, which is a feature exclusive to Alpha® tools. The VSP-320 comes with a standard C-Handle for torque-oriented applications such as profiling and core drilling and a standard Side Handle for general edge polishing applications.


  • Variable - Speed Range Between 700 - 2500 rpm
  • Powerful - Constant speed control with step-down gear
  • Safety - Splash guard with inline GFCI

Equipment Included:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI)
  • Water Valve and Hose
  • Faucet/Garden Hose adapter
  • Wrench
  • C-Handle
  • Side Handle (reversible)
  • Extra Carbon Brush Set
  • Ventilation Cap
  • Splash Guard w/Band Clamp


  • Rating - 120 Volts
  • Amperage - 7A
  • Power - 800W
  • Speed (Variable) - 700 - 2500 rpm
  • Weight - 7.3lbs/3.3 kg
  • Spindle - 5/8”-11