AT-GP4BLACK ALPHA® 4" Ceramica Buff Pad - Black

$ 77.80

Key Features

Alpha® Ceramica Buff is the difference between a standard polished edge and a deep glossy finish. Using these discs in your polishing process eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals to achieve a high final polish. Water requirements are minimal in comparison to the other Alpha® Ceramica products.

Tin oxide and aluminum oxide in powder form have been used for years in the final polishing process. Alpha® Ceramica Buff is a heat compressed disc that combines these powders with a natural fiber in a flexible disc.

Fabricators will be especially impressed with the superior results of the Alpha® Ceramica Buff. Tile contractors will also be amazed by the difference between a standard polished edge and the super gloss that only Alpha® Ceramica Buff provides.

Available in black for dark stone and white for light colored stone, this is the only disc capable of achieving the better-than-factory finish that Alpha® Ceramica is known for. Black Buff will successfully bring up a high shine on black granite such as Black Pearl. For a super high gloss, use both the black and white discs in sequence.

Providing consistent performance and professional quality, Alpha® Ceramica Buff disks are unmatched in the industry!


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