AccuGlide now offers the Fab King!

AccuGlide now offers the Fab King!

Has under-mount sink fabrication become a bottleneck in your shop? If the answer is yes, you're ready for the Fab King!

When it’s not processing sinks - keep it running as money making back-splash polishing workstation - for fast and precise edge polishes.

The Fab King Work Center requires little or no experience to operate and it can cut out any sink shape using a template (which means no mistakes and precise dimensions) in as little as 8 minutes. Drill faucet fixture holes in seconds with minimal tool wear.

Edge profiling can be done quickly and easily with no threat of scratching the surface. With leathered and honed finishes gaining popularity - the Fab King makes that custom leathered finish on bathroom vanities a cinch.

The Fab King has a rigid cantilever frame with manual CNC movement, a powerful 3hp motor and a standard 1/2" gas connection which fits standard tooling common to radial arm machines as well as Sector/Master tooling with adaptors.

Put the Fab King Work Center to work in your shop today and set new production records this year!