AccuGlide Saw Rental Program

AccuGlide Saw Rental Program

Our Rental Program is ideal for three situations our customers find themselves in:

  • You want to upgrade from an older saw to a new one, but pulling the cash together has held you back.
  • You want a second AccuGlide to jump shop production to the next level, but are unsure because you might eventually get a bridge saw.
  • You have a one-time big project coming up and need an extra saw, but only temporarily.

How it Works:

We’ll send you an AccuGlide Saw model of your choice with a basic rental agreement. With our "factory fresh" policy, you can send your saw once a year in exchange for a freshly refurbished model.

Each month we’ll charge your on-file credit card. No start-up fee, cancel anytime - it's as simple as that!


AccuGlide Classic Model: $170.00 per month (works out to $5.66/day)

AccuGlide 3000PRO Model: $185.00 per month (works out to $6.16/day)

AccuGlide 7.5' Standard Tracks: $60.00 per month (works out to $2/day)

What's Included:

“Factory Fresh” Policy: With our rental program you’ll always have a “factory fresh” model on hand. If your saw is getting tired or isn’t performing up to your standards, ship it back to us once a year and we’ll send out a freshly cleaned and refurbished saw, just pay the freight.

There’s no minimum rental period so you can return the saw and cancel anytime.


Download a sample contract here: AccuGlide Saws Rental Program Contract

Give us a call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details. We’ll get the ball rolling and send an AccuGlide your way!