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PROCC ACCUGLIDE ProCircle™ Attachment ACCUGLIDE ProCircle™ Attachment

$ 790.00 (saw not included)

With the ProCircle™ Attachment for the AccuGlide 3000PRO stone saw, you can tackle the feared circle cut with speed and precision, previously possible only with large machinery. If you’ve ever tried to cut a precise circle in stone, you know it is impossible to duplicate the speed and precision of this system with hand power tools. Put the ProCircle to work in your shop today, and cut circles around the competition!

Key Features


  • Cuts circles from 17" - 82" (up to 18 feet with optional extensions.
  • Cuts a 36" granite round in 9 minutes, plus 3 minutes to profile (bullnose)
  • Aluminum components machined to exacting tolerances
  • Anodized with a tough corrosion resistant finish
  • Secures to workpiece with 110 lbs of clamping force that won't lose suction during the cut.


package includes

  • Clamping Attachment Attaches to the AccuGlide 3000PRO stone saw
  • Tri-suction Base Secures the attachment to the workpiece with three high quality German suction cups
  • 39" Tube Arm Connects the base to the clamp at needed radius length*

*Custom Arms up to 105" are available (18' cut diameter)

NOTE - The ProCircle will not clamp securely to irregular surfaces or especially porous stone. Please contact us for options if you are interested in this type of application.


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Customer Reviews

  • Name: Lucino Escutia
  • Company: Lucino’s General Construction
  • Location: Watsonville, CA, USA
Lucino Escutia

Lucino Escutia

My experience working with the AccuGlide Company was great! They even trained me on how to use the Saw and Attachments when I picked them up. On our first project with the AccuGlide, we made over 5,000 cuts on two intricate floor inlays. The project was beautiful and the client was very happy! I would definitely recommend the Accuglide to others.

  • Name: Greg Grasso
  • Company: Owner of Grasso Glass & Stone
  • Location: Steamboat Springs, CO, USA
Greg Grasso

Greg Grasso

Your product has truly served me well for over 6 years. My company has grown along with yours from the days of the original saw with the Milwaulkee® engine to the PRO Saw and all of its attachments! You guys have been great! Thank you for standing behind and improving your product over the years! It has truly helped me become a recognized and established natural stone fabricator in this demanding economy and market.

AccuGlide has continued to grow and meet the demands of my business, a small custom shop. This saw cannot be beat! We have cut every job we have ever had in the past 6 years with the AccuGlide. I have lost count but I would estimate well over 700 projects. From 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 6cm, circles, miters, to inlay, this saw has stood the test and continues to work for us today.

This is the best saw on the market for small custom fabricators. It cannot be beat for economy, weight, durability, portability & ease of use! AccuGlide is well made, and delivers on all its features.

AccuGlide’s family business has been a pleasure. We are a small company and enjoy the one on one relationship they provide in a professional manner!

  • Name: J.B.
  • Company: Paragon Granite & Marble
  • Location: CA


Project: Hearst Castle Visitors Center, San Simeon, CA

This project was a large three slab table/reception center with four 12’ outside radii and four 9’ inside radii. I drew it on the slab and cut it with the AccuGlide and circle cut accessory without templates. It literally was perfect! We truly needed an innovative solution for this project because this wasn't going to happen with our Brembana. Once the pieces were in place and we set our center point the piece had to be stationary. The only other way to do this project would have been with a CNC or water jet. Simplicity was one of the really nice things about it. It’s easy to set up and it’s accurate. We were ecstatic with the job it did.

For straight cuts, we've found we can rely on the AccuGlide for predictable precision cutting on site and in the shop. It’s easy to set up and use on site. The cuts are so clean it makes the edge work easy.