ACCUGLIDE PRO Sawing Station


Our special start-up packages are designed to help you save money and provide you with everything you need for impressive and cost effective stone fabrication.

The ACCUGLIDE PRO Package includes: Ez-TILT™ Table, 3000PRO™ Saw, and 12.5' & 7.5' Tracks

Key Features

EZ-TILT™ Fabrication Table

Tilt a 1500lb granite slab by yourself! Our professional full slab Tilt Table takes the stress out of slab handling and provides a 10'-10" x 6'-6" CBU table surface for production cutting with the AccuGlide Saw. With industrial quality construction, full water drainage and built in safety features, this table is made for craftsmen serious about stone fabrication.

12.5' Standard and 7.5' Quick-Lock Stainless Tracks

Calibrate the Attached Tracks to your cut line in seconds with the patented Calibration Indicators (two included in Saw Packages). Indicators (pointers) align Tracks to the cut mark.

3000PRO™ Stone Saw

  • Sets up in seconds - No clamps or suction cups
  • Smooth as glass precision cuts at 4' - 10' a minute (free cut sample avalable) 
  • Glides above the stone - No scratching even in the softest stones
  • Cuts 1/4" to the edge, up to 6cm deep and 11’-1” in length
  • Powerful 3.1 HP equivalent motor for heavy production cutting
  • 40% noise reduction and smoother cuts with the patented QT™ Hub, with no extra blade costs!
  • Proven track record and industry reputation

Patent Nos. 7866242B1, 5960780, US6257225B1


3000PRO™ Stone Saw:

  • Stainless steel and anodized or powder coated aluminum precision carriage and tracking system components
  • 8 1/4" tested and modified worm drive motor: 15 amp, 3.1 HP equiv., 110v, 60 Hz, 4400 rpm

EZ-Tilt Fabrication Table:

  • Heavy welded steel frame
  • Total table weight - 1,350 lbs; Height 37"
  • 1" fiber cement  board sub-top, 60% covered with cement board
  • Frame sand blasted and powdercoated for durability
  • Full leveling capability for uneven shop floors
  • Heavy duty greased bearings for long life

Attached Stainless Steel Tracks:

  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Precision straightened
  • EDM Rubber undersurface
  • 12.5' Length Tracks: 26 lbs. each. Cut length: 11’ 1" (133”) - ideal for full slab cuts and trimming.
  • 7.5' Length Tracks: Cut length: 6’ (72”) 35 lbs. Ideal for mid sized slab cuts and cross cuts.

Package Includes

  • EZ-Tilt Table 11' x 6.5'
  • AccuGlide 3000PRO patented, precision tracking system with integrated Step and Depth Gauges
  • Tested and modified oil bath gear reduction motor
  • 12.5' Standard Stainless Steel Tracks
  • 7.5' Quick-Lock Stainless Steel Tracks
  • Patented Quiet & True™Hand Change Hub and 5/8” diamond knockout hub
  • Industrial GFI: 20 amp circuit, 15 amp plug with 20’ SO cord
  • Premium 8” blade
  • (2) patented stainless steel Calibration Indicators
  • 25' Quick-connect polyurethane water supply/wash hose
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual

Warranty Information

  • 2 Year AccuGlide limited warranty on tracks and saw tracking system (see details)
  • 1 Year AccuGlide limited warranty on saw motor (see details)