ABACO Stainless Steel Sludge Dehydrator Filter

AM-ADE089 ABACO Stainless Steel Sludge Dehydrator Filter

$ 6225.00

Key Features

ABACO Stainless Steel Dehydrator is a filtration system that quickly traps abrasive mud produced by machining and finishing marble, granite, and other stones.  It uses a one-step method to separate sludge and slurries. The ABACO Stainless Steel Dehydrator is constructed of Stainless Steel and consists of four basic components: a pump, a mud holding tank, a clean water tray, and filter bags.  It has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance.


  • Dimensions – 89.4” x 86.6” x 23.6” (227cm x 222cm x 60cm)
  • Weight – 617 lbs (280kg)
  • Power requirements (USA) – 230v 60Hz
  • Weekly Output Capacity of Dry Mud – 22 ft³
  • Mud Holding Tank Capacity – 145 Gallons (550 liters)
  • Sump pump - 6E-CIA-SFS 189 lpm / or equal
  • Float Switch – Mechanical
  • Valves – 2 inch BSP Brass Nickel Plated

Package Includes

  • 4 plastic curtains
  • 2 stainless steel curtain rods
  • an industrial water hose
  • 3 industrial hose clamps
  • 15 polypropylene filtration bags
  • 1 pit cleaning tool/air stick

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