Classic Stone Granite Saw & 12.5' Tracks

ACL12G Classic Stone Granite Saw & 12.5' Tracks Classic Stone Granite Saw & 12.5' Tracks

$ 3950.00

Purpose-built for hard surface fabrication, the AccuGlide Classic is the original portable stone and granite saw. Its durable and heavy-duty engineering comes from over 20-plus years of industry experience. Field-proven to produce high-end custom work at ground-level pricing.

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Key Features

AccuGlide Saws started manufacturing over 20 years ago, founded by a stone fabricator who wanted a superior saw. Today our granite rail saws have been used by over 2,000 stone craftsmen to achieve high-end results. Check out the reviews, they speak for themselves.

The Classic AccuGlide stone saw gives you the precision we’re famous for with a streamlined setup. It’s also the lightest of our stone saws, with a compact design and speedy setup suitable for any job.

Use as a granite wet saw, and for multiple other materials like quartz, ultra compact surfaces, marble, and more. Not only are AccuGlide saws compatible with countless materials, they’re also versatile for many cutting needs.

+ Straight Cuts

Set up straight cuts in 15 seconds, no clamps or cups necessary. The saw glides above the stone, not scratching even the softest materials. The patented QT hub reduces noise and vibration by up to 40%.

+ Miter Cuts (optional)

Use the MiterMaster attachment to solidly place your saw and tracks on the workpiece for perfect miter cuts. Get precise seams not achievable by hand cutting. Learn More


Patent Nos. 7866242B1, 5960780, US6257225B1


  • Cut length with 12.5' tracks: 133" (330 cm)
  • Edge cuts: easy 1/4” trimming
  • Maximum depth - Straight cuts, with 8” (200 mm) blade: 2.2” (5.5 cm)
  • Maximum depth - Miter cuts, with 8” (200 mm) blade: 3 cm stone
  • Cutting speed per minute: 4 - 10’ (1.2 - 3 m)
  • Total saw weight: 26 lbs
  • Saw shipping crate with saw inside: 50 lbs
  • Track shipping crate with 12.5' Tracks inside: 152" x 6" x 3'', 77 lbs
  • Amperage & voltage: 120v/15 amp
  • Horsepower equivalent: 3.1
  • RPM - no load: 5300
  • Blade Capacity: 6 - 8" (150 - 200 mm)

Warranty Information

  • 2 Year AccuGlide limited warranty on tracks and saw tracking system (see details)
  • 1 Year AccuGlide limited warranty on saw motor (see details)

Customer Reviews

  • Name: Aaron Decker
  • Location: Tarpon Springs, FL, USA
Aaron Decker

Aaron Decker

We just finished building a 2 tier bar and grill station for a large apartment complex. The tops were 244" long and mitered on every exposed edge. We had no choice but to field fabricate the entire project. Without using the AccuGlide saw and miter system, the job would have been almost impossible. The results are amazing and the setup takes almost no time. We now have 3 saws for the shop/field crews and will be buying more in the near future. Highly recommended!

  • Name: Jose Alvarez
  • Location: Nipomo, CA, USA
Jose Alvarez

Jose Alvarez

We've been using AccuGlide saws in our shop for years now. We use our two AccuGlide saws on 90% of the cuts we make - very clean, very straight cuts. And we really like how lightweight they are. Setup is much faster. If we were to purchase only one saw again, it would be hands down the AccuGlide.

We also use the miter cutting attachment and it’s been a very important tool for us. I usually do the mitering myself with the system and specialize in high end, complicated miter tops. I have a local shop that subs their miter work out to us because there bridge saw was not holding the precision needed for a good tight miter joint.

AccuGlide is a solid company to work with! For us they are local, so I like that I can stop by for blades and service.

Business has been great, we've grown every year for the past five years. Our AccuGlide Saws have been invaluable to us. They've paid for themselves many times over and are still going strong!


  • Name: Kris Wolfe
  • Company: Owner of Elite Surfaces LLC.
  • Location: Marietta, OH, USA
Kris Wolfe

Kris Wolfe

My saw has completely been the difference for our company. I have no complaints with the saw and all our cuts are right on the money. Our saw has made LOTS of money for our company. In less than two years we have done close to 100 custom kitchens, countless vanity tops, outside bars, fire place surrounds, and shower curbs. I couldn't be happier.

AccuGlide's staff has been helpful in responding to our questions and concerns. All around, they are a great company.


  • Name: T.H.
  • Company: Mr. Tom's Tile
  • Location: CA


The AccuGlide Saw and the EZ-TILT Table have given me a real competitive edge in this market. One guy is able to lay a 3cm slab down by himself. We’re not worried about hurting somebody anymore. We do a lot of 3cm and it handles the weight just fine. Having a good cutting surface is great. It stays flat and true.


  • Name: Manual Baptista
  • Company: Baptista Tile

Manual Baptista

The addition of the AccuGlide has allowed Baptista Tile to offer slab fabrication to our customers, our business has grown and we are a complete Tile and stone showroom and installation service. We have done 120 kitchens approximately, but many more smaller tops that have been easy to cut with the mobility of the AccuGlide. It is user friendly, light weight, requires little room to operate. Ben and staff have been a joy to do business with.

  • Name: C.B.
  • Company: Prestige Custom Stone Products, Inc.
  • Location: IN


Being in the stone industry for close to 15 years, and having operated and maintained many different types of stone sawing equipment, I can say with total confidence that the AccuGlide Saw is the most accurate and durable machine I have had the pleasure of using.

The extremely high degree of accuracy on seam cuts and the absence of chipping on the bottom edges enable our company to produce the highest quality natural stone products available. The ease and rapidity of cut setups lends itself to increased production as well as reduced labor costs per shift.

Our complete satisfaction and confidence with the AccuGlide was recently made apparent in the purchase of a second machine. From the maintenance perspective, we were very impressed with the simple, common sense, long-lasting quality parts engineering of the saw, while from a business standpoint the saw is an outstanding value.

I highly recommend this saw to any fabricator large or small who is looking for fast, smooth and accurate cuts in any stone (including those shops with bridge saws that want to increase the accuracy of their seam cuts). I cannot speak highly enough about this saw and what it has done for our production accuracy. Thank you for such a durable, quality product.