BQTTZ8 8" QT™ ZOOM Continuous Rim Blade

$ 109.00

Key Features

The QT™ ZOOM is manufactured with a unique bridge saw style sandwich segment design. We've found it to have amazing speed performance while still delivering an extremely clean cut. This unique balance has made it a customer favorite.

The QT™ ZOOM is by far the best blade for your AccuGlide if you desire speed and a seam ready cut. For example, if the majority of your edge work is a simple 1/4" Eased Edge or Bevel, this is the ideal blade, since it will leave the face of the cut clean and ready for polish.

Due to its high diamond concentration and softer bond, the QT™ ZOOM is the blade of choice for all hard granite, delivering higher cut speeds, good blade life and no need for blade dressing.

PLEASE NOTE:   The QT™ ZOOM blade has a softer bond then some of the QT™ PEARL blades that AccuGlide offers.  Although the softer bond is a benefit in many respects, it will limit the blade life in softer, more abrasive granite's such as Venetian Gold or manufactured Quartz slabs.

Many fabricators that use the QT™ ZOOM blade feel that the cutting production and performance gained far outweighs the limited blade life. However, if you have a lot of Quartz slabs or Juparana granite in the queue, you may consider using the PEARL QTPX (BQTPX8) on such material to extend blade life.  Then switch back to the QT™ ZOOM blade for all medium to hard granite, such as Absolute Black, Blue Pearl, etc. 

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