7.5' Quick-Lock™ Tracks

TR75 7.5' Quick-Lock™ Tracks

$ 730.00

Key Features

7.5' Quick-Lock™ Tracks to be used with the AccuGlide Classic, 3000QT, and 3000PRO Saws.  Made with heavy .120 gauge Stainless Steel.

Our newly designed Quick-Lock™ Tracks are quickly becoming a customer favorite. With the integrated clamping rail you have the option of securing the tracks with either c-clamps or our specially designed Quick-Lock™ Suction Cups (optional, sold separately).

AccuGlide Tracks are designed to set up and handle with as little effort as possible.  They are constructed of heavy .120 gauge polished stainless steel rails with laser-cut stainless attachments.  We pay special attention to precision straightening, high quality adhesives and strict manufacturing quality control. EDM Rubber is firmly adhered to bottom side of tracks to prevent scratching and to provide a solid grip on the slab.

Positioning tracks to your cut lines takes just seconds with our patented Calibration Indicators (sold separately).

A variety of Track options are available for individual fabrication requirements.

Patent No. US6257225B1


  • C-clamp or Quick-Lock™ Suction Cup compatible
  • Integrated Clamping rail
  • Heavy gauge Stainless Steel
  • Precision straightened
  • Laser cut stainless ends
  • Durable rubber under-surfaced
  • Cut Length: 6’-1"
  • Net Weight: 39 lbs


Quick-Lock Suction Cups give extra hold-down power on cross cuts; and are designed to be used with Quick-Lock Tracks of any length and the 12.5' Standard Tracks. 

These or regular C-clamps are recommended for working on undersized tables, very small pieces of stone, warped material, and whenever Tracks cannot be balanced on the work piece or shimmed for sufficient support.