7.5' Interlocking Tracks

7.5' Interlocking Tracks



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Item: CIN75

Designed to interlock - one set in front of another for continuous cutting. Each track has an interlocking tongue and a receiving end. Price includes one set of two tracks. Shipped in a full wood crate.

Calibrate the width of Interlocking Tracks in seconds with Calibration Indicators (included in all Saw Packages). This allows both tracks to be moved together and the indicators lined up to the cut line.


  • Machined aluminum interlocking tongue
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Precision straightened
  • Neoprene under-surfaced

Model Comparison Chart


12.5´ length

7.5´ length

6.5´ length

5´ length

5´ EZ-Cut

Maximum cut length 133" (330 cm) 73" (185 cm) 61" (155 cm) 42" (106 cm) 36" (91 cm)
Quick-Lock option available n/a
Quick-Lock Suction Cup compatible n/a
Built-in suction cups
Thick-wall stainless steel, .120 gauge
Clamping required? no no no no