6" x 3/8" QT™ AGX Profile Wheel - Bullnose - Position 2



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6" x 3/8" QT™ AGX Profile Wheel - Bullnose - Position 2

Pair our AccuGlide bullnose shaping wheel with your PRO Saw and ProFence Attachment for a FAST and SMOOTH round over from 1/16-3/8". Wet only.

Why use the AccuGlide profile wheel to shape your simple edges?


    • Shape a 3/8" Bullnose at 2 ft per minute! Twice as fast as a skilled worker hand bullnosing at the rate of 1 ft per minute.
    • With a clean, CNC quality profile you will also reduce polishing time by 20-30%

Here is an example of the savings you could be profiting from:

If you profile one kitchen containing 60 ft of 3/8" Bullnose, you could save half an hour per kitchen. You can also move through the first two polishing stages faster, saving another 30 minutes per kitchen.

Savings = 1 hour per kitchen

At 5 kitchens per week you saved 260 hours in one year

If the final cost of your employee is 16.00 per hour you have saved 4160.00 in one year!

That means you paid for your AccuGlide in one year with just this ONE operation!