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6" QT™ AGX Circle Cutting Blade w/Side Protection (1/8" Kerf)



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Fast & Aggressive: Curved Cuts, Circle Cuts, and Rodding Channel Cuts

Couple 6" QT™ AGX Circle Cutting Blade w/Side Diamonds (1/8" Kerf) with your PRO Model Saw for fast curved cuts or use with the PRO Saw and ProCircle Attachment for precision circle cutting.

This special blade is equipped with panels of diamond on the side of the blade to handle the curved cutting application.

Max Depth: 7/8” or 2cm stone, for cutting circles in 3cm, start with this blade and finish with the 7” Carrera Blade.

Rodding Channel or Rabbet Cuts

Stack up to four of these blades for fast channel cuts from 1/8-5/8" wide.

When reinforcing with 1/8" wide fiberglass rod, use one blade for an oversized 1/8" wide finished cut.

For standard 1/4" rodding channel stack two blades with a provided spacer for a 8/32" wide cut. The perfect size for a 1/4" rod inlay!

Stack up to four blades on the PRO Model saw channel cuts 5/8" wide. This tongue grove or rabbet joint can be used in constructing farm style stone sinks or masonry fireplaces.

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